With the holidays getting closer, and Black Friday just around the corner, Midtown Comics has put together our Holiday Gift Guide for 2014! We made it easy for you to find the hottest items that came out this year for all the collectors, book lovers, gamers, and comic book fans in your life! Whether young or old, Marvel or DC, Superman or Spider-Man, this comprehensive guide shows you some of the best items we have available for the holidays! Check it out below!

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By Jacobus Dixon

Superheroes and costumed vigilantes were the bread and butter of the comic book magazine industry. They were colorful he-men who took no guff from nobody but ddidn’tuse their abilities to abuse innocent people. They were like local sports stars everybody would cheer for. But as a group, they weren’t very diverse. Their costumes were different, but underneath they were all just a bunch of muscle-bound, wealthy white guys. This was the group that had the money, so popular art and commercial products were primarily aimed at pleasing them above everyone else (unfortunately this is still true for some products).  And if you weren’t one of these wealthy white guys, these products would make you want to adjust your aesthetic tastes to be accepted into their sphere of influence. However, some felt that this pandering was a little too exclusive. William Moulton Marston was one of those people.

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Ted, Andrew, and Sam talk with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels about his new book DMC Volume 1 before his signing at our Downtown store.  Darryl talks about how comics helped him get his start in Run DMC and the similarities between hip hop and comics. Then, we give Gavin the night off, but Dimitrios joins us and we talk about the movie Nightcrawler and Interstellar, whose side are we on in the Civil War universe, Andrew’s first attempt at writing a comic book, and our hot picks of the week and what we’re looking forward to next week.
If you have any suggestions for the show please let us know through our Twitter, Facebook or email us at podcast@midtowncomics.com.  Call our voicemail at 980-MIDTOWN and we’ll play it on the show!
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Remember our DC Bombshells Covers Guide? How about our recent DC Selfies Covers Guide? Well, DC is currently releasing an all new army of LEGO covers for its ongoing series! Read on for the complete guide and release dates of these wacky, fun-filled LEGO variants!

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BF Online Instore

Midtown Comics helps you ring in the holiday spirit this Thanksgiving with some super special Black Friday sales both in-store and online! Gear up for some huge savings and don’t miss out on these exclusive sales on your favorite comics, back issues, graphic novels, apparel, and more! Need help finding that perfect gift? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for 2014 and take advantage of this special sale!


SAVE ONLINE: Save up to 40% OFF EVERYTHING at MidtownComics.com  from Wednesday, November 26th, through Tuesday, December 2nd (until 3:00AM EST). Some exclusive deals to point out include:

  • 25% OFF comics and back issues
  • 40% OFF graphic novels, books, and manga.
  • Up to 40% OFF EVERYTHING else- including statues, action figures, apparel, and more!


SAVE IN-STORE: For our loyal Midtown Minions in merry Manhattan, take 25% OFF EVERYTHING in-store only, beginning at 8am at all Midtown Comics locations! This deal is not valid at our TRU or FAO boutiques.

Once again, Midtown Comics is offering 25% OFF EVERYTHING in-store on Friday, November 28th! But you may want to hurry up, as this sale only lasts from 8am-12pm at all three locations! After 12PM, you can still save 20% OFF EVERYTHING in-store throughout the rest of the weekend, with our sales ending Sunday night!

Thanks, and we hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Friday, November 28th

25% OFF Everything 

All Locations: 8am-12pm

20% OFF Everything

Midtown Times Square: 12pm – 12am

Midtown Grand Central: 12pm – 9pm

Midtown Downtown: 12pm – 8pm

Saturday, November 29th

20% OFF Everything

Midtown Times Square: 8am – 12am

Midtown Grand Central: 11am – 9pm

Midtown Downtown: 11am – 9pm

Sunday, November 30th

20% OFF Everything

Midtown Times Square: 12pm – 8pm

Midtown Grand Central: 12pm – 7pm

Midtown Downtown: 12pm – 7pm

Disclaimer: Both online and in-store sales don’t apply to new releases from the past 35 days. Sales are also not valid for gift cards, advance orders, and cannot be combined with our in-store rewards program.

Eisner Award winning writer, Brian K. Vaughan will be at Midtown Comics Downtown on Thursday, December 18th for a signing of Saga Vol 4 TP and Saga Deluxe Vol 1 HC.

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