BOO! Totally scared you, didn’t we?! Anyway, welcome to Halloween Comic Fest 2016! On Saturday, October 29th, we’ll offer terrifying titles for kids of all ages, and it’s absolutely FREE! Also, you don’t actually have to be a kid to join in on the fun! Midtown Comics will offer select HCF titles in-store, and all titles will be available online! Click through for more details and the full list of Halloween ComicFest 2016 titles! Trick or treat! Please see below for the full list of comics.

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Batman Catwoman Batgirl comic books

We are looking for a new hero to join our team. Think of us like the Agent of Shield; we remain unseen but we are totally awesome.
Basic skills required:

  • At least 1 year experience as customer service representative
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Type 50+ wpm
  • Must have comic knowledge
  • Ability to multitask live chats, phone calls, emails plus other related tasks
  • Ability to work in a unified team
  • Must be punctual

MUST be available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Please email your resume, cover letter with your email address and availability for a phone interview to jobs@midtowncomics.com. In the subject line, enter “Customer Service Job”.  Good luck, everyone!

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Required experience:

  • Comic Knowledge: 5 years
  • Typing Skills: 1 year
  • Customer Service Skills: 1 year

Get your DC Rebirth comics here: http://bit.ly/2bitVBp


Victor Stone, a.k.a. Cyborg, is stepping into the spotlight – booyah! To celebrate Cyborg: Rebirth #1, DC Comics has released an action-packed and attention-grabbing preview! The issue is written by John Semper, and features art by Paul Pelletier (penciller), Sandra Hope and Tony Kordos (inkers), and Guy Major (colorist). Enjoy, DC fans!

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Get your hands on a copy of Civil War II #3 here: http://bit.ly/29QlTgZ


There’s a new inhuman in the Marvel Universe. The guy’s name is Ulysses, and he has quite a power: it appears he can predict the future. Captain Marvel wants to use this ability to prevent tragedies and crimes from occurring. Iron Man, however, thinks it’s wrong to take action against someone before they’ve committed a crime – or maybe even before they’ve thought of it. Now, Ulysses had a vision of the Hulk lashing out. With Civil War II #3, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and many other heroes visit Bruce Banner to talk about the violent vision Ulysses had about the Green Goliath. But when all is said and done, one character is no longer alive.

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Pre-order DC Universe: Rebirth Special #1 here: http://bit.ly/1U4GAW5

Article by Gregg Katzman; artwork by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair

Article by Gregg Katzman; artwork by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair

A few weeks ago, I attended the DC Universe: Rebirth Retailer Roadshow in New York. Dan Didio and Jim Lee’s presentation really won me over, and no, I’m not saying that because I’m an employee of Midtown Comics and my job relies on people still wanting to buy comics. Look, if I didn’t enjoy the event, I wouldn’t write about it – it’s that simple. But here I am, writing about DC Rebirth because I’m legitimately excited about it. And you know what? I think you should be excited, too. And no, it’s not a reboot.

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The best day of the year is almost here! Midtown Comics is thrilled to celebrate yet another edition of Free Comic Book Day, both in-store on Saturday, May 7th, and online on Monday, 9th! All of the FCBD titles from every participating publisher will be offered for free, with no purchase required, in-store and online while supplies last. We’ll also have special Midtown-branded editions of two FCBD Marvel and DC Comics – read on for more info on those exclusives!

Please note: Everyone is welcome to one copy of each FCBD title while supplies last. Some titles will be in very limited quantities and are not expected to last all day, and we recommend that you arrive/order online early. FCBD books are not bagged and boarded, condition (grade) is not guaranteed, replacements will not be available. All FCBD titles from our website will start to ship on Wednesday, May 11th. There may be delays due to the volume of orders. We appreciate your patience.

Due to new industry-wide policies, FCBD books cannot be offered online until the Monday after FCBD. Please be aware that while the books are free, there is a handling fee per book

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