Sam, Ted, Andrew, and Gavin bid a fond farewell to Andrew’s apartment as they move on to a new recording studio next week.  In this last episode recorded from Andrew’s apartment, Sam fills us in on all the fun she had at SPX last weekend and runs down the Ignatz winners for 2014, Andrew pits the rest of us in a game of Jeopardy that has a clear runaway winner, we talk our Hot Picks of the week which includes Andrew relaying the first issue of All-New X-Men he read and what’s going on in the book, and we answer listener questions about our favorite book of the year so far and the story of our exclusive variant covers!

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By Jacobus Dixon

Throughout mythology you have these basic archetypes that define a culture’s heroes. Whether it’s with incredible strength, quick wits, or nimble swiftness, these characters use these talents to maintain an idealized status quo. However, there’s another class of hero whose habits dangerously border on being something not so much admired and awed…but feared. The Spectre is one of those heroes.

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Midtown Comics is now happy to work with Comics and Cosplay for a new weekly video series featuring cosplay tips, comic reviews, and more! Ian’s first video counts down the “Top  10 New Comic Books of 2014″! Check it out below!

#10) Ghost Rider

#9) Magneto

#8) Cyclops

#7) Amazing Spider-Man

#6) Sinestro

#5) Moon Knight

#4) Genius

#3) Inhuman

#2) Punisher

#1) Batman Eternal

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