This is the second installment of the Midtown Comics Marvel Guide! If you haven’t checked out the first part, click here!

These books are ones you can read and enjoy without having to read other titles, so if you don’t feel inclined to invest yourself heavily into the mainline Marvel continuity, you can still check out these fantastic reads!

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16 Aug, 2011

5 Questions with Writer Mark Waid

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Midtownies! Raph here with another exclusive interview! This time, Mark Waid was kind enough to answer some questions about his run on Daredevil, part of Marvel’s “BIG SHOTS”. Here you go!

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In my 14 years of reading and collecting comics, as well as work in a comic  book store, one of the most common complaints I’ve heard (and sometimes delivered myself) is lateness in comics. Whether it’s an intentional pushing back of the title, a late page, a late script or a last second disaster, comic book fans deal with lateness all of the time, yet still the clarion call is delivered “OFF WITH (Enter Creator’s Name)’S HEAD!” “THEY SHOULDN’T DO COMICS!” “THEY SHOULD WRITE/DRAW FASTER!” This debate could rage on for days, weeks even. What I’d like to do, is just draw your attention to some books that have been late, have had huge names work on them, and decide for yourself if the wait was worth it.

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Zoë and Thor chat with creators Todd McFarlane, John Arcudi, Antony Johnston, Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, Scott Wegener, Brian Clevinger from the Midtown Comics Booth at NYCC 2010!!

Writer of The Losers comics Andy Diggle is here to tell us what he thinks of the new movie, the A-Team, and shed some light on his upcoming Daredevil event – Shadowland!