23 Mar, 2011

FF #1 with Tom Brevoort

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Hey Midtownites, Raph here with a special treat: I’ve got a review of FF #1, and an interview with Tom Brev0ort, Senior VP for Publishing for Marvel Comics.

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Marvel has announced that the highly anticipated Fantastic Four #587 will be released on TUESDAY January 25th instead of the usual Wednesday release. Marvel has said this polybagged issue will not appear on newsstands and will have no overprint. Be there Tuesday for this historic event!

Longtime friend of the show, Alex Robinson returns to talk about his Fantastic Four story in the third issue of Strange Tales II from Marvel and learns via Dimitrios’ impeccable timing that every Marvel character Alex has ever loved is now dead. All of them!

At this year’s New York Comic Con, Zoë takes time to connect with some awesome Cosplayers for Midtown Comics TV.