05 Dec, 2011

5 Offbeat Comics You Should Be Reading!

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Comics are widely known as the home of Super Heroes, but as stated before in the sci-fi post, there are multiple genres of literature to be sought out! As an alternative to superheroics, might the Mighty Midtowners recommend these select titles?

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This week we talk to writer Sam Sarkar about his upcoming Image comic THE VAULT and Thor and Dimitrios give their review for the Green Lantern film.

Live from the Phantom Zone, it’s Dimitrios and Thor! This week writer Richard Starkings talks to us about his new series ELEPHANTMEN: MAN AND ELEPHANTMAN from Image Comics and his history as one of comics’ greatest lettering talents!

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that Tim Seeley’s most famous creation, Hack/Slash, will be crossing-over with Eva, the daughter of Dracula, in May 2011 at Dynamite Entertainment in a four-issue mini-series, with covers by Tim Seeley himself!

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Nathan Edmondson reignites the spy genre with his new book from Image Comics, WHO IS JAKE ELLIS? With beautiful art from Tonci Zonjic that’ll have you saying “Darwyn who?”, these first six preview pages are not to be missed. Take a look and see if you can figure out WHO IS JAKE ELLIS?!

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14 Sep, 2010

Chew: Last Asian Standing

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There’s no doubt that Chew, an ongoing series from Image Comics by John Layman and Rob Guillory, was the big indie sensation of 2009. It sold four printings of its first issue and received critical and fan acclaim. The story revolves around a detective named Tony Chu, who is cibopathic. Cibopathy is the ability to experience the memories of anything the cibopath tastes. If Tony bites a piece of fruit, he knows how it was grown, the pesticides used, etc. If he bites into a pork chop, he knows how the pig was grown… and slaughtered. In his world, bird flu has killed millions, there’s a chicken ban, and the FDA has become a serious power. The FDA recruits Tony to solve all sorts of crimes and chicken violations… by having him taste evidence. Creepy, funny and strangely charming, Chew has become one of my favorite books. It also has the distinction of having one of the only Asian-American protagonists in all of comics.

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