This week Thor is away and Dimitrios rounds up a group of what he calls “Rowdy Folk” that consist of some new employees and some of his favorite customers to give the picks for the week. Have a listen to the madness that is “Rowdy Folk!”

This week Thor and Dimitrios chat with writer/artist Tim Seeley about his new Marvel series Ant-Man and Wasp, his creator owned series Hack/Slash, and the disturbing beauty of a nude M.O.D.O.K.!

Zoë and Thor chat with creators Todd McFarlane, John Arcudi, Antony Johnston, Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, Scott Wegener, Brian Clevinger from the Midtown Comics Booth at NYCC 2010!!

Join us at our new Downtown location Thursday, December 16th as we welcome the writer and creator of  CHEW, John Layman!

Brahm Revel talks to us about his new Image one-shot I Sell The Dead, GUERILLAS, and story-boarding for The Venture Bros.