Longtime friend of the show, Alex Robinson returns to talk about his Fantastic Four story in the third issue of Strange Tales II from Marvel and learns via Dimitrios’ impeccable timing that every Marvel character Alex has ever loved is now dead. All of them!

This week Drawn and Quarterly announced their plans to collect and distribute indie comics icon Daniel Clowes’ Eisner, Harvey and Ignatz winning comic, The Death-Ray in the Fall of 2011. The Death-Ray is Clowes’ take on the traditional Superhero story and if you’ve read his other works like Ghost World, Wilson, and Ice Haven you’ll know to expect his unique sense of humor and style.

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August 9, 2010 – This week writer Len N. Wallace calls in to tell us about his Oni Press book Love Buzz. Also, Dimitrios some how gets his hands on a newspaper and shares a story with us about someone finding a copy of Action Comics #1 in their basement. Lucky ducks!

This week on the Midtown Comics Podcast, Thor and Dimitrios talk about some of the exciting news that’s been rolling in from San Diego Comic Con, including the Walking Dead trailer and the stabbing heard round the world. And Tim Piotrowski stops by to talk about his book Kool-Aid Gets Fired.

MoCCA Fest, Part 4 of 4! On our HUGE finale: Brahm Revel, Dennis Pacheco, Sam Carbaugh, Steve Bunche, Brian Cronin, Jon Abrams, and Sana Amant! Boy, that’s one big show!

MoCCA Fest, Part 3 of 4! Interviews featuring Simon Gärdenfors, Chris Hastings, Alex Robinson and some of the creative team behind The Anthology Project!