Ted, Andrew, Dimitrios, Sam and Gavin – the whole team are together again for the Midtown Comics Podcast! ! They are joined by writer of the Image Comics book Nightworld – Adam McGovern. We talk about his writing career and all the connections to Jack Kirby that we can think of. Our conversation reveals that Gavin and Andrew may have met, prior to their meeting on this podcast. Meet Sam at her upcoming appearance at SPX this weekend! We riff into our top picks of the week and answer some listener questions.  What do we think of gimmick covers?

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21 Sep, 2012

A look at Green Arrow!

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Midtown Bloggin Hoods! Raph here, to talk to you about the latest hero to get his own television series: Green Arrow!

Oliver Queen has been around since 1941, and he’s had lots of landmark moments, here’s a brief look at his comics history.

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21 Aug, 2012


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In honor of Jack Kirby’s upcoming birthday on August 28th, Jillian Kirby, the 16-year-old granddaughter of Jack Kirby, have put together Kirby4Heroes, a fundraising effort for the Hero Initiative.

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29 May, 2012

5 Avengers Stories for New Readers

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With Avengers absolutely DOMINATING the box office, we thought it’d be good to give you guys a list of Avengers stories you can get into, or get a friend into. As great as the movie was, there are plenty of great stories from the Avengers’ rich history!

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Raph is Back! You are reading! Things must end with an exclamation point!

In this Post-Rapture World we now live in, it’s good to affirm that things still happen, but if Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross had their way, Apocalypse may yet come from beyond the stars, thanks to the dastardly… Jack Kirby???

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