In another of our short “Zine Episodes”, Andrew and Ted talk with Mark Millar about his upcoming prequel to his hit book Jupiter’s Legacy with this week’s Jupiter’s Circle #1.  We also ask questions that you, the listeners provided! Can we get through it without confusing last years movie Jupiter’s Ascending?

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Greeting Merry Midtown Men and Women! For the past few months, the Ultimate Universe has had a foreboding banner on its two main books. Both Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. Ultimates have featured the banner: The Death of Spider-Man! Not a hoax! Not a dream!

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Get your first look at three awe-inspiring variant covers from superstar artist Leinil Francis Yu, uniting the characters of Kick-Ass, Nemesis, and Superior in one climactic battle scene! When placed together, the Kick Ass 2 #2 Yu Variant, Superior #4 Yu Variant, and Nemesis #4 Yu Variant covers form a showdown between three of Millar’s most celebrated series!

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Mark Millar via Nerdhulk shows Midtown some love in Ultimate Avengers 3 #2! Click here for a full page scan