Midtownies! Raph here, totally pumped after seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier. My colleague Tom H has posted a review on the blog, which you can find here, so I won’t rehash what Tom’s already done. What I would like to do, is give a wishlist of movies and TV shows that I’d like to see Marvel Studios produce in the future, things that they haven’t announced or haven’t been speculated (I’m leaving Doctor Strange specifically out because I really think they’re going to do a movie for him in Phase 3). I also would like for all of this to be on Netflix, or something similar, as this will be a super-connected series. See what I suggest after the break.

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07 May, 2012


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Midtown Blogvengers! Raph here, and being that we are a blog for a comic book store, let’s review the biggest movie EVER! It’s AVENGERS TIME!!!!! Spoilers warnings abound!

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This has been a big comics week for your favorite blogger, and I’ve been busy too!

Thanks to the terrific folks at Marvel Entertainment, I got to attend an advance screening of Thor (along with the Midtown TV crew, which stars… Thor???)! I sat down in the Ziegfield theater for about two hours of Mondo Marvel Magnificence. Ultimate Uru Utilization! Terrific Thor Thrashing… sorry, my inner Stan Lee got out of his cage…

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