02 Jun, 2015

DC Freebies For June!

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DC Comics fans are in for a treat this month, as the company is releasing free posters, temporary tattoos, ID cards, and stickers every Wednesday in June! We’ll also have limited edition masks for sale each week for only $1.25! Stop by Midtown Comics to pick up the following free items while supplies last!

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Midtown Comics recently had the chance to interview Cullen Bunn (Deadpool, Sinestro, The Sixth Gun) on his work for the upcoming Dynamite Series, Masks II.

The Shadow. The Green Hornet and Kato. Black Terror. These are just a few masked vigilantes drawn into a mystery that spans the decades – a plot that threatens our society again and again. With the devastating power to kill thousands of people in a matter of seconds, the Red Death is a villain who may be impossible to stop. It will take more than a dozen masked heroes from three different time periods to stop this madwoman from bringing the world to its knees!

Read our interview with Cullen Bunn below!

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Masks is Dynamite’s BIGGEST cross-over of the year! Masks #1 is written by Chris Roberson (I Zombie), and fully painted by Alex Ross, and stars The Shadow, The Green Hornet, Kato, and The Spider, in a tale of two-fisted action, corruption and intrigue, set in New York City, 1938. There are several dynamic variant covers to choose from, but most importantly, you can choose to have Alex Ross hand paint an original cover for you, or Jae Lee will draw an original cover for for you, and…believe it or not…YOU CAN CHOOSE THE CHARACTER (from the ones who star in Masks #1)! This will be original art on the cover, not a printed copy, and keep in mind–we never said it would be cheap…!

Order this book and Midtown Comics will contact you to find out which character you’d like to have painted/drawn by Alex Ross/Jae Lee, just for you! Choose from The Shadow, The Spider, Green Hornet, Kato, Zorro, Miss Fury, The Black Bat, or any other character that appears in the Masks series!

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