By Gerry Gladston

With a cheerful smile and a wink, George Reeves’ Superman won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide in the 1950s and well beyond.  Reeves’ Superman exuded friendly confidence, compassion, humor, and an air of almost paternal authority.  Everyone in the room always knew where they stood with Superman, and the authorities never questioned him. Gangsters feared him, but he was a super-gentleman to everyone else, especially Lois Lane.  The playful, romantic tension between Lois and Superman was a big part of the fun factor!

His role as the Man of Steel ran from 1951 through 1958, but Reeves’ endearing portrayal resonated with fans for decades to come.  To this day, for many, George Reeves has always been, and will always be…SUPERMAN!

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Even with the arrival of Star Wars Episode VII nearly 9 months away, Marvel has not wasted any time reestablishing their toehold in the comic adaptation/expansion of the franchise that they helped pioneer 38 years ago. It is a marriage of mediums that almost didn’t happen, as the pitch for a comic was nearly rejected because movie adaptations were not seen as being profitable, but ultimately a deal was reached, and the rest is history. Film based comics were not new in he industry, but they were usually done as single issues of anthologies (Four Color, Movie Classics) that seemed to lean heavily on the Disney film catalogue. The success of Star Wars and the rise of spectacle driven genre films in the 1970s inspired attempts to replicate the movie/comic synergy, but very few properties seemed to have the legs to carry beyond short lived series, or mini-series and one-shots that would surface whenever a sequel was released. Here is a list of some of the unlikely attempts to bring the big screen to the printed page:

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This week Thor and Dimitrios go to the movies and give you their thoughts on some recently released and upcoming films like Men In Black III, Harry Potter, Cowboys and Aliens, Green Lantern, Judge Dredd and more!