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FREE Valiant comics!

With every purchase of a NYCC ticket from Midtown Comics, receive a FREE copy of Bloodshot #1 from our friends at Valiant Entertainment, while supplies last. To our friends outside of NYC, we’re sorry, but tickets are available in-store only!

October 11th-14th 2012

Yep, you read that right!

Prepare yourself for what will surely be the most unusual coverage of the 2011 New York Comic Con you’ll find anywhere. Today begins our weeklong series chronicling the NYCC from the eyes of our special guest correspondent C.C. Banana. For those of you unfamiliar with C.C. Banana, get thee to Google! The amazing nanner man has been around for years and is responsible for some of the most irreverent and entertaining interviews you’ll ever find. From comic book creators to sci-fi icons to your favorite rock stars, the Banana has interrogated them all (and usually leaves them laughing in the process). More about this fantastic fruit can be found at his official website and YouTube channel.

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Take a look at all our coverage from the 2011 New York Comic Con!

Zoë and Thor chat with creators Todd McFarlane, John Arcudi, Antony Johnston, Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, Scott Wegener, Brian Clevinger from the Midtown Comics Booth at NYCC 2010!!

During the week of New York Comic Con, G4′s Blair Butler filmed her segment Fresh Ink from Midtown Comics Times Square. This is that segment.

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