By Ted Alexander – @Teddow

Unfortunately, There is no such thing as Superman or Spider-Man in our real world. There is no one we can look up into the sky and see protecting us from the real evil that surrounds us.  While superpowers are useful, there are still superheroes who are just like us, making it their duty to protect and serve without any Spider-Sense, X-RayVision, or Adamantium Claws.  Living in a world of superheroes without any powers may be tough, but here are my Top Eight Heroes who can still get the job done!

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Midtownies! Raph here, totally pumped after seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier. My colleague Tom H has posted a review on the blog, which you can find here, so I won’t rehash what Tom’s already done. What I would like to do, is give a wishlist of movies and TV shows that I’d like to see Marvel Studios produce in the future, things that they haven’t announced or haven’t been speculated (I’m leaving Doctor Strange specifically out because I really think they’re going to do a movie for him in Phase 3). I also would like for all of this to be on Netflix, or something similar, as this will be a super-connected series. See what I suggest after the break.

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Punisher Lead

Midtown Ruckamaniacs! Raph here this time with the 5 Q’s I promised, with Big Shot Greg Rucka! We talk Punisher #1 and Stumptown! Enjoy!

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Writer Rick Remender drops big news about a Last Days of American Crime movie that’s on the way. Plus everything you’d want to know and more about his current run on The Punisher. Plus we get a letter from Dimitrios in Brazil!”

Writer Garth Ennis talks to us about his Dynamite Entertainment books Battlefields, The Boys and his thoughts on a Preacher movie.