X-Men Comics

By Raph Soohoo

Midtownians! Raph here, with some X-Men comic recommendations! With the release of Days of Future Past, we’ve decided to provide you with a primer to the multitude of current X-Books, so that you can jump on board and enjoy Marvel’s Merry Mutants!

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12 Aug, 2011

Schism #2 with X-Men Editor Nick Lowe

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Schism 2 Cover

Midtown Blogger Cakes! Raph here with another chat with X-Men editor Nick Lowe, this time we’re discussing Schism #2. Enjoy!

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Schism header
MIDTOWNEROOSKI! Raph here with continuing interviewage from some major Marvelites. Amazing Alliteration Always Asked About! This time, we have Nick Lowe, editor of the X-Men books, to talk about the Mutant Mayhem, Senses Shattering, captivating comic series Schism! (Take THAT Stan!)

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