And now a 5 Q’s with Dan Slott regarding his run as the solo writer of Amazing Spider-Man! This is the first of MANY interviews I’ll have for you in the next week… enjoy!
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Hey there Midtown Blogadoccios, Raph here this time to let you know about some “Amazing” events going down with Spider-Man, as well as with Midtown Comics itself! Spider-Island is set to start with Amazing Spider Man issue #666, and it looks to be one of the biggest Spider-Man events in recent memory! Midtown Comics, the largest comics retailer in the world (and employers of yours truly) are having some huge things done to celebrate this new Spidey event!

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Another star spotted at Midtown Comics! This time it was Andrew Garfield who will be playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Garfield was spotted at Midtown’s Time Square location shopping for Spider-Man back issues! Could this be more research for the role? The Amazing Spider-Man will hit theaters July 3rd 2012 and stars  along side Garfield,  Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Denis Leary, Chris Zylka, Irrfan Khan, and C. Thomas Howell. Read the rest of this entry »

First it was FANTASTIC FOUR #587 and the death of Johnny Storm. Now it’s ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #160 and the possible death of Peter Parker. Are polybags are the new variant? In this case they’re both!

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Via Marvel.com

Last week at a special event sponsored by Marvel and the FDNY held at Midtown Comics, Marvel super heroes Spider-Man and Captain America along with our very own editor Bill Rosemann and members of the FDNY swung by to educate the children of PS 51 Elias Howe on fire safety.

22 Feb, 2011

Reviews, Waiting for MvC3…

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So I decided to be frugal (cheap) and hunt for a website that sold Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (for PS3) for less than retail… so I don’t have a review of the game available just yet. And rather than bore you with discussion of footage I saw online (which you can see for yourself, check out the thread on Superfandom.com), I thought I would kick the Twee out and do some good ol’ earnest reviewing.
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