Marvel announces the new Marvel: Point One initiative as a perfect starting point for new readers to the Marvel Universe. 

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02 Sep, 2010

5 Marvel / DC Crossovers We’d Love To See

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Now that Editor in chief Joe Quesada has weighed in on a likelyhood of an Iron man/ Green lantern team-up (also known as Iron Lantern, for those keeping track of Amalgam) Midtown wants to pitch in the crossovers we want to see, and the creative team we want to see doing them.

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In the abscence of Thor, Spider-man co-hosts this interview, with Stephanie Buscema of Girl Comics, who talks about working with Steve Niles and her grandfather, John Buscema. And yes, Spider-man has no recollection of ever having been married.

Boom Studios Writer and Editor in Chief Mark Waid tells us about working on his books Irredeemable, Incorruptible, and Unknown. Plus: Spider-Man, and a bit of DC Comics Trivia!

Writer Brian Michael Bendis tells us all about his next big Marvel event Siege! Plus exciting news on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man as well as his work on Powers and it’s upcoming TV adaptation.