It’s that time again. The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, and your comic book list just keeps piling up! It’s summer, which means it’s time for new Midtown Exclusives! We’ve put together this helpful guide to showcase our new variant covers, connecting covers, and exclusive items for the next three months! Read on below for more details below!

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Action Comics #1

By Jacobus Dixon

People say to never judge a book by its cover. Well…in the world of comics, that saying tends to be thrown out the window entirely. Ideally, you buy a comic for the art as much as for the storytelling. However, since comics are a visual medium, the art tends to sometimes overshadow the writing in terms of appeal. As a result, it’s what draws crowds to the work in the first place if it’s a new series with a new creative team. And where’s the best place to showcase this art? Well, on the cover of course! The best covers are the ones that capture a purified form of what the story inside is about, and what ideas, events, and characters are featured. As time’s marched on, we’ve been treated to an amazing amount of incredible covers that have launched the franchises of several popular characters. These covers also helped defined popular culture and launched the careers of many artists and creators and made their niche in the pop world. I would like to take a look at some of these covers and figure out just what it is that makes them so famous (or infamous) in our minds’ eye.

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DC Comics

#10-#8#7-#5#4-#3, #2-#1

By Raph Soohoo

The Top 10 Toughest DC Superhero Countdown comes to an epic conclusion today with #2-#1! Are you surprised by the top two? Outraged, even? Read on below and let us know your thoughts!

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 Midtown Comics is thrilled to release its first-ever exclusive action figure! The Funko line of POP! DC Universe continues with Midtown Comics’ exclusive 3 3/4″ vinyl Superman Red Son figure, ripped straight from the pages of Superman Red Son by Mark Millar and Dave Johnson.  Available on August 30, 2014, you can pre-order today and save 10%! This Superman did not grow up in Smallville!

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Midtowners! Recently, Marvel announced the possibility of killing off one of its beloved characters, Wolverine. Death is a bad thing for us human beings in general, and it’s a tough subject to deal with, but in the world of comics, I think it’s a necessary part of a character’s lifespan. Sure, death in comics isn’t like death in real life, but in some ways it is. We’re going to look at death in comics, and see what results afterwards. I think you’ll be surprised as to how well it actually works out.

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The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the writer, and not Midtown Comics.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, Ms. Nelson, Mr. Goyer and Mr. Meyer,

Hello, I am writing to you in response to your attempts at making a Superman/Batman movie. I am a longtime fan and enthusiast of these two characters, dating back to early childhood. My earliest memories involve seeing Adam West and George Reeves on television as Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, respectively, as well as their alter egos, thanks to the magic of television syndication. I am the floor manager of the Times Square location of the largest comics retail entity in the world, Midtown Comics, and that’s in no small part thanks to the actors that have portrayed Superman and Batman. I have taken great interest in your project, but have some reservations. By no means do I want you to discontinue your project, but I would like to bring up some points for you to consider. Read the rest of this entry »