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The Walking Dead Rick Carl Grimes comic

Article by Gregg Katzman

The latest episode of The Walking Dead, ‘Heads Up’, set the stage for season 6’s midseason finale while also answering whether or not Glenn was still alive. Towards the end of the episode, there’s a bit of hope on the horizon, and that’s something the residents of Alexandria desperately need. But it just wouldn’t be The Walking Dead without having a moment of optimism completely destroyed by something terrible, would it? We’re all speculating about what’ll happen next (especially with the Wolf…), but one huge moment from the comic was heavily teased. If you haven’t read Robert Kirkman’s comic book series (fix that mistake asap, please), this would be a great time for you to back out this article. Unless you don’t mind a possible spoiler, that is. Seriously, consider yourself warned: there’s SPOILERS AHEAD!

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The Walking Dead Morgan

By Gregg Katzman

AMC’s sixth season of The Walking Dead has been an intense ride. Right out of the gate, viewers were thrown into a jaw-dropping situation and, as expected, nothing went as planned. It’s been one gripping scene after another, but the latest episode, ‘ Here’s Not Here’, slowed things down. No longer was the focus on the bigger story and the characters who are in major trouble. There were no swarms of walkers, no follow-up with BIG questions fans have been asking since a week ago. Is that one character truly dead? (Probably not.) Will Rick lose his hand? (Probably not?) Season 6 has been one thrilling event after another, but last night’s new episode cast all of season 6’s events aside (for the most part, that is) so it could focus on a key character: Lennie James’ Morgan Jones.

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The Walking Dead comic

First and foremost, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! We hope you mighty Midtowners have a fun and safe holiday this year! If you do dress up as a comic book character, tell us in the comments! Secondly, what better way is there to celebrate than reflecting on some of the scariest and creepiest comics around? So, we’ve thought about the countless scary comics that have been published over the years, and we have quite a few to recommend! Obviously, not every single horror/spooky comic will be on the list below, so if there’s one you really like that isn’t here, promote it in the comments! Also, don’t forget to stop by any of our three stores on Halloween for Comic Fest – there are free comics!

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The Walking Dead TV Show

The latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, ‘Thank You’, was pretty heartbreaking. But is that character (we’re being spoiler-free here, just to be safe!) truly dead, or did another person’s body save them from being turned into fresh food for the hungry and relentless undead? Only time will tell, but for now, the jaw-dropping moment has us reflecting on some of the most impactful deaths that have occurred in the show that’s based on Robert Kirkman’s terrific comic. Obviously, a lot of lives have been lost in the series, so if a death that really impacted you isn’t below, feel free to share it in the comments and explain why it was unforgettable. Warning, there’s SPOILERS!

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Fear The Walking Dead Midtown Comics Review

By Daniel Gladston

If your eyes were glued to the TV this past Sunday at 9pm, it’s safe to say that you were probably watching AMC’s newest undead series, Fear The Walking Dead.  We’re assuming this because an astounding 10.1 million people were watching the new show, good for the all-time record in cable history.  The massive series premiere was nearly double that of its predecessor, The Walking Dead, which totaled 5.35 million viewers.

Read on to find out what we thought about the disease-ridden pilot episode of AMC’s latest series, Fear The Walking Dead.  Please feel free to share your thoughts on the new show in the comments section below.  We want to know!

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