05 May, 2011

Fear Itself #2 with Matt Fraction

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HERE WE GO AGAIN! Raph’s back with some more goodness! This time, I got Matt to answer some more questions about this week’s Fear Itself #2! Enjoy!

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Marvel’s latest promo for the upcoming THOR film isn’t your typical commercial. It’s better!

A few weeks back we were lucky enough to be invited to the Marvel offices in NYC to see a special screening of the new Marvel Knights animation Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers. Is it just another motion comic or something more? Verily you must read on!

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29 Mar, 2011

Matt Fraction: Marvel Architect

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Hello Midtownies! With Fear Itself launching, and Marvel recently introducing it’s list of “Architects”, I thought I’d spotlight the Architect of Marvel’s newest event, as well as the writer at the helm of Thor and Iron Man, Matt Fraction!

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So the Super Bowl has come and gone (Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 26), and the biggest spectacle of advertising has as well. This year, we were treated to three comic book movie spots (What happened Warner Bros.?): Cowboys and Aliens, Thor and the first footage for Captain America: The First Avenger.

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Looking for a few gift ideas for the Holiday Season? Let Zoë and Thor of the Midtown Comics Home Shopping Network give you some great suggestions!