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The Batman Black & White Jason Fabok statue has finally arrived! Watch the video above to get a great look at it and some other stunning statues from the DC Collectibles B&W line.

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Lea unboxes THREE new Batman Funko POPs (classic black costume, Earth 1, and Super Friends) and the new Casey Jones – from TMNTPOP!


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Lea unboxes the new S.H.Figuarts TMNT Raphael action figure from Bandai Tamashii Nations!


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Lea unboxes not one but TWO POP figures! Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead and armored, unmasked Batman from The Dark Knight Returns!


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Lea offers a good look at DC Collectibles’ brand new Killer Frost Bombshells statue!

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In the blue corner, we have the Last Son of Krypton: Superman! And lurking over in the shadows, we have the Dark Knight: Batman! Everyone knows the Man of Steel is way more powerful than the Caped Crusader, but despite being just a human, Batman should never be underestimated! Thanks to his resources and brilliant mind, Gotham’s hero was able to build a suit that allowed him to take strikes from the immensely strong Kryptonian. This suit first appeared in Frank Miller’s iconic comic The Dark Knight Returns, and it recently made its big screen debut in Batman v Superman. Now, this ridiculously cool-looking armored Batman can make an appearance right in your collection!

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