This week writer Frank Marraffino stops by to chat about his upcoming MARVEL ZOMBIES: SUPREME mini series, and his work on the recent HAUNTED TANK mini series from Vertigo.

This week artist Amy Reeder stops by to talk about her work on the Madame Xanadu Vol. 3 trade and the upcoming Batwoman title with J. H. Williams III.

Meet Dean Haspiel(The Quitter, Act-I-Vate Primer, The Alcoholic), signing CUBA: My Revolution at Grand Central from 6:30-7:30pm.

Midtown announces a new store opening and writer Scott Snyder sits down with us to talk about his books American Vampire and Iron Man Noir plus we learn how Scott was able to pull Steven King into comics.

Creator Matt Wagner talks to us about his Dynamite books Green Hornet: Year One and Zorro, and his new Grendel HC. Plus Thor finally comes to terms with his Sandman Mystery Theatre addiction.

Artist Sean Murphy of Vertigo’s “Joe The Barbarian” talks to us about working with Grant Morrison and Hellblazer. Plus we dig into our thoughts on the Apple ipad.