Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials

@LSComicCon was amazing, truly. @MidtownComics are the best! Awesome comics and service. And @DanSlott is one of the nicest people I’ve met!

-@NickLayland88, via Twitter

@MidtownComics Just got outstanding service by 3 people via phone. Thanks!

-@cloudeagle via twitter

Getting packages from @MidtownComics is seriously the best thing to wake up too

-@SeniaLopez, via Twitter

Buying $25 bucks worth of comics and only paying $6! @MidtownComics you complete me…

-@G33kH3Ro, via Twitter

Moved out of NYC & tried to move on to a new comic store. But NOTHING beats @MidtownComics. So I am now a proud subscriber!

-@anashenwrath, via Twitter

Oh my gosh. I’m visiting @MidtownComics for the first time. This is everything I was expecting and MORE. YES!!! Oh my gosh, YES.

-@MadisonEmbrey, via Twitter

Major props to @MidtownComics for the most lovingly packaged Locke & Key Alpha & Omega slipcase edition. Someone there totally gets it.

-@firepile, via Twitter

I’ve gone back to printed comics. Great service by @MidtownComics And loving Marvel’s AR app! http://t.co/XpfyP1WZIQ

-@BillyBitts, via Twitter

the guys from @MidtownComics have the most amazing customer support ever. I admire you, thanks for the great service.

-@waytool0ud, via Twitter

I Love @MidtownComics. Their delivery is excellent & package always arrives in perfect condition. Shop with confidence from the pros!

-@SpeedForce1973, via Twitter