Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials

@MidtownComics thank you for securing your packages like you do.The mailman left my box in a puddle comics are safe http://t.co/DoVgY5nvNz

-@RomBatSquid, via Twitter

Just had a great conversation with @MidtownComics live support,they where really helpfull and nice,you have a satisfied costumer over here!

-@go_pegasus, via Twitter

Got my first order of comics from @MidtownComics today!! Definitely going to be ordering more from them! Thanks guys!

-@LordChables, via Twitter

Shoutouts to @MidtownComics and their always awesome customer service. Highly recommended anybody do business with them if you want comics.

-@Pixel_Kaiser11m, via Twitter

I missed a couple issues of the titles I read regularly. The local shops here don’t maintain large inventories and if you miss the release day, you’re likely to miss out. So I decided to order some issues from Midtown. The shipping was fast, the comics were well protected, and the rates are were fair. Since then I’ve made one more order and signed up for the subscription service so I don’t miss any further issues. I emailed a question and got immediate response and resolution… I’ll be telling everyone about this great store and convenient way to get comics at your door.

-Dave E. D., MN, via e-mail

FINALLY found a place that sells blank-cover comics and doesn’t charge a bunch for shipping. @MidtownComics is alright by me!

-@Shawn_Langley, via Twitter

With my midtown comics membership, I was able to buy 7 comics and a new comic book box for $5 total. Woo!

-@AirCycle, via Twitter

@MidtownComics best place to purchase comics hands down!

-@330loop, via Twitter

So these peel-n-stick bags I got from @MidtownComics might be the best things ever.

-@ThrowinMo, via Twitter

Y’all are the dopest! I just got my first pull list from you guys all the way over in Afghanistan. You just earned a customer for LIFE.

-Frank Raymond