Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials


Just wanted to send a big thank you. Ya’ll exceeded my expectations with the condition, speed of delivery, and quality of the products I ordered from you. You have a new continuing customer down south.

Thanks a bunch.

-David B., Birmingham, AL

First let me say thank you. I am sincerely impressed by the speed in which you respond to any and all of my questions. I have never, and I mean NEVER had a problem with the shipments we get from your store. Whenever people ask me about how I get my comics, I always pass along your name and how they can have a worry-free shopping experience. Your company and your people so are prompt and efficient that I’m constantly mind-blown by all of you.

And finally, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for handling this so quickly, and for dealing with this issue so kindly. The man whose name this account is under is currently under deployment for the United States military, and I’m a friend of his who is dealing with his comics. Everyone is stressed with him gone, so the fact that you are so amazing with this shipment and don’t bind it all up in red tape is just… nice. We’ve always done a lot of business with your store, and to see that you respect that history with us and the fact that you’re handling everything for us is so considerate.

If there is anyway I can tell someone of how amazing your company is, please, PLEASE let me know. I cannot stop talking about how amazing your store is.

Thank you so much!


-Nick Mounts, Martin, TN

I received my first order of comics today. I was very happy with the great packaging and condition of my comics. The comics I received are better that I expected and I got my order really quick. Thank you for great service, I will definitely order more comics from your company again in the future.

-Richard O., Livermore, CA

I just wanted to leave a note for you guys after I received my order that I placed with you recently. I have been looking everywhere online and have been buying comics at various sites, and I have found that most comic stores that I buy from “greet” me with surprises that I didn’t expect. Usually, a delay in shipping, or more commonly, a grading of a comic that is wrong. However, after placing an order from Midtown, I can honestly this was one of the biggest surprises of ALL.

I CANNOT believe the care you guys put into making sure everything is safely packaged. I only ordered ONE comic, and you shipped it in a box that protected it like Fort Knox, not to mention the bubble wrap. I also had a small question about the comic I ordered, and I received a response in a VERY timely manner.

I cannot thank you guys enough for providing such great quality service and customer appreciation the way you do. That was the first order I placed through you, but it will more than likely not be the last. I know a few people that are into comics and I will DEFINITELY let them know that they should order through you. I cannot thank you guys enough!

-Steven M., Cleveland, OH

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks. The package arrived today in perfect condition, your service is great, and I’ll be looking forward to buying with you again!

Thanks a lot. :)

-Palloma B, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the service and delivery of my comic books! It absolutely blew me away with the way you treated my order. Best overall experience I ever had….! To the entire staff at midtown comics……thank you very much……..you’re simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You from a Midtown Comics lifetime supporter!!!!!!!!!!!

-Duane T, Imperial, CA

I just wanted to say that the service you provide is outstanding! I have been buying comics every single week from your site because you provide a hassle free service. I do not have to worry about going to my LCS to grab my comics, instead I can subscribe to my favorite series through your site and know that I will always have a copy for less than the cover price! The comics arrive quicker than my Marvel and DC subscriptions. Not only that, but every shipment that you send me is encased in bags/boards and wrapped in bubble wrap!  There’s not a single problem with any comic that you have sent me.  My Marvel and DC subscriptions always end up with dings on the corners because they are only wrapped in a thin plastic. Thank you for your perfect service. You have earned yourself a long time customer! Me!

PS – your customer service team is super nice and polite. They politely told me that my order did not go through on my card and they held the order for me until i replied!

-Jake - Buffalo, NY


YOU GUYS HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! I have received this order along with this year’s FCBD titles.

I sincerely appreciate the service you have consistently provided to me in sending FCBD titles that are generally not easily available to me locally…please pass along my thanks and congratulations for another job well done!

I am so glad that my years of patronage is recognized and acknowledged – with the level of service that I have come to expect from other merchants and vendors, it’s very satisfying to know that this type of service still exists. It keeps people coming back for more as extremely satisfied customers.

Thanks again, please pass along my sentiments to everyone who had a hand in fulfilling my request.


-Eric L., Chesapeake, VA

Guys, Order arrived this morning! I know I don’t order often but it was superb service as usual … thanks very much!

-Carl B., Bedfordshire, UK

I absolutely love Midtown Comics. Thank you so much for doing what you are doing. Midtown Comics is the best place for comics in New York!

-"Strange" Dave Rosenberg, Executive Producer & Host of "The Strange Dave Show" Cablevision Channel 20 & Verizon/FIOS Channel 37 (Long Island, NY)