Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials


YOU GUYS HAVE DONE IT AGAIN! I have received this order along with this year’s FCBD titles.

I sincerely appreciate the service you have consistently provided to me in sending FCBD titles that are generally not easily available to me locally…please pass along my thanks and congratulations for another job well done!

I am so glad that my years of patronage is recognized and acknowledged – with the level of service that I have come to expect from other merchants and vendors, it’s very satisfying to know that this type of service still exists. It keeps people coming back for more as extremely satisfied customers.

Thanks again, please pass along my sentiments to everyone who had a hand in fulfilling my request.


-Eric L., Chesapeake, VA

Guys, Order arrived this morning! I know I don’t order often but it was superb service as usual … thanks very much!

-Carl B., Bedfordshire, UK

I absolutely love Midtown Comics. Thank you so much for doing what you are doing. Midtown Comics is the best place for comics in New York!

-"Strange" Dave Rosenberg, Executive Producer & Host of "The Strange Dave Show" Cablevision Channel 20 & Verizon/FIOS Channel 37 (Long Island, NY)

I just received “The Thing” 8″ MIB Mego figure and all I can say is WOW! I love this figure and the condition of the box is beautiful!!! It is a definite upgrade from the other one that I have in my collection which I will be selling now that I have this one from you. I’ll be checking your site periodically to see if you get any more MIB Megos in that have similar condition boxes. I am REALLY pleased with “The Human Torch” and “The Thing” figures that I have bought from you and they will be proudly displayed in my collection of 8″ Mego WGSH figures. I have left you positive feedback for both figures. Thanks so much and thanks again for taking those extra pics for me….made my decision to purchase the THING “a no brainer”! Midtown Comics offers small town, personalized, first rate customer service coupled with big city selections to give customers THE BEST ONE STOP SHOP for all things comic book and collectible related! Thanks Midtown Comics, you’ve got a repeat customer in me and I’ll be back!

-Kris M., Marietta, GA

Hi Midtown,

Got my latest shipment fine, including the free comic! Part of a promotion with D.E., so the invoice says. A very nice surprise and appreciated, so ta very much for that as we say over here!

All the best and cheers again,

-James S., Maidenhead, UK

Hi Midtown Comics,

I am a superhero collector based in Melbourne, Australia, and I just wanted to say thank you for my order, the Jim Lee Icons Limited Edition and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel HC. They arrived a few days ago, and I must say, I am impressed with both the shipping speed and the care with which the package was shipped, everything arrived in perfect condition. I am also impressed because the Jim Lee LED is getting near impossible to find, so I was extremely pleased to find it on your online store. I visited the Times Square store during my visit to NYC in Dec 2009 and loved the place, we could learn a lot in Australia from its layout and design, as it is such a beautiful store. Great to deal with such a professional establishment, and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thank you.

All The Best,

-James M. Melbourne, Australia

G’day Guys.

I received my order yesterday and wanted to let you know that I appreciated the quick delivery and the quality of the products. Thanks so much. I look forward to buying from you again!


-Matt O., Goulburn, Australia

I was one of the lucky “few” able to order the first print Obama/Spiderman comic book and I received it in the mail yesterday in excellent condition. I just wanted to thank your business for a few reasons. First, thank you for selling the comic book at the listed price of 3.99, many other stores tried to sell it for three-four times that on opening day. Secondly, I live in California and the fact the book made it across the continent without damage is a true blessing. Your store rocks and you guys deserve a pat on the back! Thanks again.

-Travis A., Sacramento, CA

Just got my latest order — extremely pleased, as usual! Look forward to doing business again in the near future.

-JF, Waterford, PA

You guys are fantastic! Just received my first order and was extremely (pleasantly) surprised at the quality and care you put into packaging and sending it.

I’ll definitely be back for more soon! Thanks again!

-Janie F., Waterford, PA