Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials

@IGHInsider: Thanks @DanSlott and @MidtownComics for such an awesome signing!!! #Spider-Man

-@IGHInsider, via Twitter

@rallyv: Got my first package ever from @MidtownComics and super impressed. Came in better condition than I get sometimes from my local shop.

-@rallyv, via Twitter

@thekramerverse: First order from @MidtownComics came in, pre-bagged and boarded and in great condition. 10/10 will order again.

-@thekramerverse, via Twitter

@comicsandtoys: Visited both your midtow n stores on our visit from the UK – awesome! Such friendly staff, and great comic selection! Thanks!

-@comicsandtoys, via Twitter

@T16skyhopp: Second time I’ve ordered a stack from Midtown Comics. Highly recommended. Impeccable packaging, reasonable shipping, below cover prices.

-@T16skyhopp, via Twitter

@caique2k: thank you @MidtownComics for another great superior package being well delivered http://t.co/BjkCj5km

-@caique2k, via Twitter

@MidtownComics Great service! Got my issue of Saga and my Thief of Thieves issues nicely packaged and in good time! Greetings from Norway

-@niflsen, via Twitter

I just want express how amazing your client service is at midtown comics! I have never had such a seamless, stress-free purchase. Your staff was knowledgeable, attentive, and efficient in returning questions in a timely manner.

I will absolutely be recommending you to anyone interested in not only comics, but an amazing shopping experience!

Many thanks.

Kind Regards,
Ashley I.

-Ashley I.

@MidtownComics got in a package today. VERY impressed with the packaging job! #comicmarket

-@ThoseBackPages, via Twitter

Employees at @MidtownComics are awesome. Thanks Rob!

-@Flower_Light128, via Twitter