Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials

Just got my latest order — extremely pleased, as usual! Look forward to doing business again in the near future.

-JF, Waterford, PA

You guys are fantastic! Just received my first order and was extremely (pleasantly) surprised at the quality and care you put into packaging and sending it.

I’ll definitely be back for more soon! Thanks again!

-Janie F., Waterford, PA

I just received my shipment today and would like to express to you how pleased I am to find that I received everything just the way it was advertised on your site. I am happy that I have found a reliable site such as yours which is now my go-to spot for all my comic needs, especially for all the Thor issues I’m looking for! You will be hearing more positive things from me again, I’m sure of it.

-Kevin B, Newport News, Virgina

To whom it may concern,

I would just like to say thank you for your wonderful delivery service! Before switching to ordering comics full time from Midtown Comics, I had been searching for a website to ship all my comics in a professional and timely manner. I had tried buying from previous websites, but all of them took far longer than necessary to deliver, which left me very unsatisfied. I also appreciate the fact that I receive a confirmation email and tracking number, so I can always be able to tell where and when my package should be delivered. All very professional and very helpful. Since then, I have switched to Midtown Comics and become a faithful fan, and never looked back. Whenever I need my comics online, I know where to order from now on. Thank you very much for the service, and continue the love for comics!


-Mairi P., Naperville, Illinois

I must say I appreciate your service and web layout. I went with Midtown for comic subscriptions because of this. You guys are far beyond other comic stores/services.

-Frank H., Romeoville, Illinois

Today I got my shipment. Like the last one I got, all great. No complaints and thanks a lot for a fine service. You delivered fast, with all items in excellent shape. Love you guys!!!

From the south of the world

-Sergio G., Capital Federal, Argentina

Dear Mr. Parker:
Thank you so much for your generous donation of 600 bookmarks. The bookmarks were greatly appreciated by all the students at the best practices fair, and I still see people using the bookmarks. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


-Sheldon J., NYC

Hey Guys! I can’t think of a bad thing to say about your site, your store, or your service. I’ve used your site for the better part of the past three years for the majority of my comic purchases. I tried a couple other sites when I was first deciding who to go with but you guys came out way ahead! I especially want to compliment you on your book grading. The condition you say it is on your site, nine times out of ten I agree with. The one time I don’t it’s usually within one grade. Still totally worth it. I’m actually planning to try to make it to New York Comic Con because I want to meet who I’m buying my comics from.

See you at Comic Con!!!

-Richard E., Smyrna, DE

Just wanted to drop you guys a note — I’ve been a customer since September of last year and am VERY HAPPY with the quality of the service, the books and the general experience that I’ve had with Midtown Comics. I used to get my books from a certain outfit in Denver and you guys are head and shoulders above their subscription service… really. My books always get to me on time and well packed. What more could I possibly want?

-Geoff, Annondale, VA

I thank you all for a top class service, just keep up the excellent service, many thanks.

-Phil B., United Kingdom