Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials

FINALLY found a place that sells blank-cover comics and doesn’t charge a bunch for shipping. @MidtownComics is alright by me!

-@Shawn_Langley, via Twitter

With my midtown comics membership, I was able to buy 7 comics and a new comic book box for $5 total. Woo!

-@AirCycle, via Twitter

@MidtownComics best place to purchase comics hands down!

-@330loop, via Twitter

So these peel-n-stick bags I got from @MidtownComics might be the best things ever.

-@ThrowinMo, via Twitter

Y’all are the dopest! I just got my first pull list from you guys all the way over in Afghanistan. You just earned a customer for LIFE.

-Frank Raymond

@MidtownComics I just got my order and I have to you guys are the best way of getting back issues.

-@De La Mose, via Twitter

Hi Midtown! I’ve been advance ordering with you for 2 years now (since my local comic shop closed). As it turns out, their lack of success was one of the best things that ever happened to me (once I discovered your services of course). Not only am I saving one third of the cost but all orders are bagged and boarded and are shipped promptly and in excellent condition. Also, I’ve received EVERY BOOK ordered- NO ALLOCATIONS! Even though some books ship late (through no fault of yours) every book I’ve ordered as been fulfilled. So impressed was I that I’ve nearly completed my extensive back issue collection from your establishment as well. Never have I received back issues so well graded. I’ve gotten books graded very good- fine that are often times actually very fine or near mint! Everywhere else I’ve ever ordered from is quite the opposite often over grading. Or maybe you’ve just spoiled me :) Anyway I just wanted to thank you for such stellar service and commend you on a wonderful job! Thank you soooo much for making my favorite past time extremely convenient and worry free. So from the day I began with you until the day I die I will only ever MAKE MINE MIDTOWN!


Alexander O., Wildwood, NJ

-Alexander O., Wildwood, NJ

Just received my parcel of comics, I live in australia ^.^ you guys are fantastic, and I’m totally pleased with how quick I received them and with the quality of your service. Thanks guys!

-Nathalie A., via Facebook

I was always hesitant about ordering comics online. But I figured I would give y’all a shot after the positive things I heard. So glad I did! Received my order ahead of schedule and the comics were in GREAT condition! I see us doing a lot of business in the future Midtown Comics!!

-Patrick R.

Thank you to @MidtownComics the only place I order new release comics and the best place!!!

-@Teddybearsrus, via Twitter: