Midtown Comics Customer Testimonials

YEIII!!! I love Midtown Comics, it is the place that makes my wednesday’s mornings so awesome.

-Gabriel Balda, via email

@MidtownComics Got my fingers crossed for the #amazingspiderman contest! #midtowncomics is the only place I buy comics!

-@saxamaphone729, via Twitter

I just got in my @MidtownComics package. Thanks for the great deals and mailing service!

-@Yaggenz, via Twitter

@MidtownComics As I live way out of state (MD), I appreciate the fact that I can get comics online. So, thanks for basically existing.

-@theladymarvel, via Twitter

@MidtownComics Oh, didn’t realize you had a chat option on the website. They just took care of my issue. Thanks! Great customer service! 🙂

-@AngelMom037, via Twitter

#FF Live in NYC? Like comics & movies? Than follow @MidtownComics. They offer online only discounts and occasionally free movie screenings!

-@Mr_BrandonLewis, via Twitter

@MidtownComics Best comic book store I have ever had to privilege of going to. Fantastic customer service!

-@Comic_Quester, via Twitter

@MidtownComics thank you very much i can’t wait you guys are the best when it comes to pop culture comics and comic book movies!

-@phenomlegend87, via Twitter

Was happy that @MidtownComics offered #FreeComicBookDay online today! Continuation of awesomeness of things I like!!

-@beddy1367, via Twitter

Thank you again Midtown Comics and Thor for giving me the chance to meet one of my heroes! The Q&A was a great idea as it really gave me a chance to hear Bendis speak about his works, his methods, ideas and more. Hope you guys will have more of these types of events! Thank you again and have a brilliant day.


Best regards — *sean ng

-Sean ng