Welcome to the middle installment of C.C. Banana’s adventures at the 2011 New York Comic Con! Today the Banana (in the guise of Wolverine) takes on the legendary Geof Darrow. As with yesterday’s interview with artist Cully Hamner, it starts off serious but then takes a few unexpected turns! To his credit, Geof is up to the challenge and delivers some great comebacks of his own.

C.C. BANANA: Will there ever be another installment of “The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot?”

GEOF DARROW: Maybe! Something might happen next year… maybe.

C.C. BANANA: Name a food you enjoy “Hard Boiled.”


C.C. BANANA: Are you still upset with Woody Allen for marrying your adoptive daughter Soon-Yi?

GEOF DARROW: No, you’re thinking of Mia Farrow. I’m Geof Darrow. Although, I was married to Mia herself before she was married to Frank Sinatra. Of course, I was only 12 at the time.

C.C. BANANA: What about the fact that you’re responsible for producing new blood cells in the human body?

GEOF DARROW: Um… isn’t that bone marrow?

C.C. BANANA: Yes. Who are you again?

GEOF DARROW: I’m Geof Darrow. Does this count toward my SATs?

C.C. BANANA: Yes, you get a 1600.

GEOF DARROW: Hooray! I can finally get into DeVry!

Come back tomorrow to see which New York Comic Con creator C.C. Banana will take on next!

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