21 Jun, 2011


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Big City Drink and Draw

MIDTOWNER! Welcome back! Did you see GL?!? Yeah, I know.. yep, yep… but there was that one… yep… okay, so I’m NOT going to talk about Green Lantern, because by now, every fanboy and their friend/ sibling/significant other/whoever went with them has seen it and has an opinion (positive or negative). What I WILL do this week is highlight a little monthly event that takes place here in New York City: the Big City Drink and Draw.

Jamal Igle Drink and Draw
Jamal Igle will be the guest of honor for the June 22nd Drink and Draw!

The Big City Drink and Draw is a monthly event hosted by Charles D Chenet, a local artist. It takes place at Jack Dempsey’s Pub on 33rd st. in Midtown Manhattan. Artists get together and have the opportunity to draw a model hired to pose for them. There’s a bar and kitchen upstairs, and usually a special guest to do a demo on art, be it illustration or sequential art. These Drink and Draws take place on Wednesdays at the end of the month from 6pm to 9pm.

Drink and Draw Crowd
The crowd at the Big Apple Drink and Draw meet-up. Note the author sitting in a dashing manner…

I generally work Wednesdays (the busiest day of the week for every comic book store: New Release Day), but there was a special Drink and Draw the weekend of Big Apple Comic Con, so I made my way over. There were three different models, and they did unique poses with various props (guns, baseball bats, knives), so as to challenge the artist with the human form. As someone who once wanted to draw (we’re talking scribbly-doodles as a child, but maybe someday I’ll be a writer-artist…), it’s a nice environment to work on sketching and interact with other people.

Dancing with the STARRRRRRGGHS!
My 15 minute Quick Draw piece: Zombie Dancing with the Stars fan! Only on ABC!

One of the major selling points for people to go is the chance to work on your illustrations obviously, but there’s the ability to network and meet other creative talents. For a writer like me, it was a good opportunity to meet artists and get to know people who want to be in the industry that I love. You can get a feel for someone’s art style and gauge interest in your own work. Comics have a wonderfully small community of creators, who are willing to help people trying to break in for the most part. It’s good to see that there’s an avenue for people to meet up and discuss work and create a story together.
The next Drink and Draw is this Wednesday, June 22nd. Check out details on their Website! That’s all for this week, so go ahead and–

– Raph

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