By Dimitrios Fragiskatos and Colleen Cleary

One of the most celebrated fantasy universes is mired with antiheroes, good not getting rewarded, death, betrayal and incest, and then there’s Westeros.

A fun game to play is what would this person do in that situation? Dimitrios and Colleen will play this game for you with Marvel Characters in the Game of Thrones Universe.

Read on for our complete list below!

10- Loki

What, Loki is number 10? This list is bull! He’s the trickster god! He’s so crafty! He’s so cute. With the amount of betrayal and deceit in Westeros, Loki would certainly feel at home here, but the reality is, he’s been foiled by Thor, the X-Men, and the New Mutants. He’s really not that good at lying. He may manipulate naïve super heroes, but not the likes of Varys, Little Finger, or Tyrion Lannister.

9- Namor, The Sub-Mariner

The Sub-Mariner has played both sides of heroism and villainy. The King of Atlantis knows the responsibility and advantages that come with regalness. In other words, based on what we’ve seen with the Black Panther, he knows how to play the political game. He is very strong and durable as we saw in Avengers #40 when a knife to the gut, an attack from Black Bolt, and a planet blowing up couldn’t kill him. He has immense pride but is not afraid to do what it takes to get his way.  In the Infinity crossover, Namor bows before Proxima Midnight, and Thanos. Seemingly uncharacteristic, it was all a ploy to direct Thanos’s galactic army against Wakanda, which was at war with Atlantis. Similarly we have seen characters switching allegiances including the Tyrells and Theon GreyJoy. The only thing holding Namor back from claiming the top spot is his pride.


In a world where you can’t trust what you see, Matt Murdock’s heightened senses would be a valuable asset. He has acute smell and taste that can detect poisons. He has amplified hearing that can be used to figure out people’s deceptions through subtle changes in heartbeats. Daredevil’s radar sense can find people and traps everywhere, and, lastly, his agility gives him exemplary fighting ability. Matt is a hero, though, and heroes don’t fare well in Westeros.

7- Dr. Doom

Though similar to Namor in status and experience, his intellect puts Victor von Doom ahead. Doom is a master at science and magic. He is a very good at accumulating knowledge and applying it efficiently, for his own ends. Whatever discipline Melisandre the Red Woman has learned, Doom has used even darker magic. In Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s run of Fantastic Four, Doom skins his childhood love to create a new mystical armor.  Are there any darker deaths than that in GoT?

6- Mephisto

A real manipulator in the Marvel Universe, he’s had the ear of Thanos during Infinity Gauntlet. He’s warred against other lords of Hell and won. He successfully undid the most powerful love of all time in Spider-Man: One More Day. Really, you would need to be some kind of a devil in order to be sitting comfortably in or near the Iron Throne in King’s Landing.

5- Starfox

A lot of the characters that have been around since the first books of the A Song of Fire and Ice series are simply really good at killing. Even Arya Stark’s best friend is an assassin genie. But probably responsible for more deaths than people who kill in this world, is people who love, (or maybe more accurately lust.) When you look at the major deaths in this world, there is a romantic link somewhere. Jamie and Cersei’s affair started the War of Five Kings. Little Finger’s obsession with Catelyn Stark killed Nedd.  Robb Stark’s sudden marriage killed his family. Before the story even starts we know that Robert Baratheon is in power after Rhaegar Targaryen, son of the Mad King kidnapped Lyanna Stark, the woman Robert loved.

It stands to reason that someone who can make people fall in love can do some real damage. Enter: Eros of Titan. This god has gotten into a lot of trouble due to his power to make people fall in love.  Check out the trial he had in Dan Slott’s She Hulk where he was accused of misconduct .

4- Hawkeye

People always look at Hawkeye as the non-powered Avenger, and therefore the weakest. That’s the wrong way to think of him. Clint Barton is the non-powered Avenger who holds his own among super-soldiers, gods, and monsters.  Clint was a marksman trained by the Swordsman travelling with a circus. Growing up in a carnival environment, he learned to hustle rubes and stay sharp. The bottom line is Hawkeye is a survivor. He’s got an arrogance that comes from the fact that he can always hold his own. In Avengers Annual #16, the Grandmaster has killed the entire Avengers roster except for Hawkeye. The Grandmaster is an Elder of the Universe who really loves games.  Hawkeye takes advantage of his compulsion to gamble, to save the day. He also defeated the Collector (Benicio del toro’s character in Guardians of the Galaxy) in a similar fashion and DC Universe’s Krona! Being adaptive and sly, Barton would most assuredly be lending his bow and services to the mercenaries known as the Second Sons.

3- Wolverine

What can we say about this unnatural born killer that hasn’t already been said. Despite currently being dead, Logan has shown remarkable endurance, craftiness, and, at times, honor. If this guy was fighting for Robb Stark or Daenarys, there wouldn’t be any stopping them. Actually Wolvie would probably be more at home with Jon Snow on the Wall, I mean, the guy is from Canada after all.  I’m sure this entry is the least questionable. Take a look at such classics as Old Man Logan, Larry Hama’s Wolverine, Jason Aaron’s run, and the original mini series, for more Weapon X viciousness.

2- Captain America

Yes, there is no room for idealism and classic White Knight heroes in Westeros. Steve Rogers’s entry would have quickly been in the discard pile, if not for his appearance in Earth X. In this post apocalyptic future, everyone is a mutant and the one time super-soldier is considered the weakest man. With scars across his face and a tattered American flag draped on his body,  the Captain is the only man who his standing  up to the Hydra (an alien entity that possesses multiple hosts, and the Skull, a child with similar powers of possession.  Cap has more in common with Nedd Stark than any other character, yet unlike Nedd Stark, has shown an adaptability and compromise that ensures his survival. His idealism is strong, but Steve is more willing and able to cross lines and preserve the greater good. Logically, Steve would keep a low profile, but upon hearing that there is a rightful ruler to Westeros, that isn’t a deceitful lion, he would likely join Daenerys Targaryen, the Khaleesi’s company.

1- Mystique

Raven Darkholme has played the political game far longer than anyone. Literally, from the turn of the century going into such notable stories as Days of Future Past, she has influenced major events, having been a prohibition-era gangster, a CIA operative, a German operative, posed as a senator’s wife, a scientist, even a millionaire super-model.  Her powers of manipulation and persuasion are so amazing she manages to create a government role for a known mutant  terrorist group founded by mass murderer,  Max Eisenhardt aka Magneto. That’s right; under her tenure as leader, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, was not just forgiven for their crimes, they were secured cushy government pensions, too. Her powers are as limitless as her instincts for self preservation. On obvious comparison to Game of Thrones would be Jaqen H’gar, the Faceless man and assassin friend to Arya Stark. Yet, Raven’s ambitions are greater than Jaqen’s and her sense of honor is nowhere near as important to her.

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