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Article by Enrique Varona

Banded together from remote galaxies are hundreds of amazing comics! Each week, the best publishers in all the cosmos give readers treats unlike anything the world has ever seen. Selfless saviors dominate delightfully detailed depictions of dastardly evildoers. Whimsical warriors are realistically rendered. The shelves of Midtown Comics are an art gallery for all to behold, and we want to take the time to show off some of the coolest covers coming out. So without further ado, here are some of Midtown Comics’ favorite covers for the week!


Deadpool v Gambit Issue 3 by Kevin Wada


Kevin Wada is one of the most talented covers artists in comics. After making a name for himself with his sensational covers on She-Hulk, Wada’s talent has only grown. In his cover for the third installment of the ridiculous Deadpool v Gambit series, he shows our two heroes fighting all comers at a barbecue, forced to defend themselves with everyday objects. Deadpool grabs the grill cover and a spatula in order to try and mount an offense. Meanwhile, Gambit if forces to reduce himself to throwing the food itself. He looks terribly unsure of what he’s doing, realizing how silly it is, but the best part of the cover is knowing that somebody will be hit with an exploding hot dog in mere seconds.

Harley Quinn Issue 1 by Amanda Conner


A mere week after concluding her last series, Harley Quinn is back in action, ready to start a new day and bring forth a new era! Amanda Conner draws one of her most iconic covers for the character to date, showing Harley Quinn in front of a backdrop that reflects the many aspects of her past. Naturally, the shadow of the Joker is the biggest thing she tries to put behind her, with the scowling Batman watching from the distance. Poison Ivy and Harley’s supporting cast all make an appearance, including her lovely gang of Harley’s in the back. But the key to the covers success is Harley herself, in an absurdly cute outfit with weapons firmly gripped. The perfectly representation of the always fierce anti-hero.


Moon Knight Issue 6 by Greg Smallwood


Frankly speaking, this Moon Knight cover is absolutely outstanding. It is an astonishingly engaging representation of the conflicted hero that reflects the current storyline while hearkening back to the troubling history of the character. Greg Smallwood uses thick lines and detailed shading to masterfully render Marc Spector as he tears his own face off as if it were a mask. The determination on the character’s face sells the whole cover, and the minimalist color palette really highlights just how impressive the composition really is. It is a piece so powerful that it blows away everything around it and demands the attention of even the most jaded reader.

Paper Girls Issue 8 by Cliff Chiang 


Sometimes a simple wash of color can change everything. Now, that isn’t the only appeal to Cliff Chiang’s cover to the Image sensation, Paper Girls. The simply creepy cover would have been fantastic no matter what. But by making everything a very innocent blue, Chiang is able to draw attention to how spooky it is to see a ghostly representation of one of the book’s heroes. The detailed grimace is engaging and horrifying, but not menacing. Even she seems unsure of what’s happening, reaching out to her undead reflection. With the contrast of the pastel pink title for the series, readers eyes are immediately brought into the sensational title.


Spidey Issue 9 by Khary Randolph 


Kraven is awesome. Seriously, stop laughing. He is! We here at Midtown Comics always have a soft spot for the greatest big game hunter in all the Marvel Universe. In this super cool cover to the all ages Spidey series, Kraven shows off everything that makes him so great. He stands triumphant over his foe, the ultimate prize that is Spider-Man. Khary Rudolph gives Kraven an arrogant sneer that makes the fight look effortless, while Spider-Man struggles beneath him, flattened into a fur carpet. The fireplace in the background gives the cover a really great lighting, casting Kraven in a dangerous glow. Major bonus points as well for the heads mounted on the wall in the background, representing major Spider-Man villains that Kraven could easily take down next. Why? Because he’s the best.


Honorable Mentions


Spotlighted Cover(s) of the Week!


Harley Quinn is arguably the most iconic character that DC Comics has created in the last twenty-five years. She’s impossible not to love, with her troubled past and her unending drive to be better. Terry Dodson depicts Harley at her finest this week in his Midtown Comics exclusive cover! Harley looks forward, leaving her rollercoaster past behind her with a playful grin and a great attitude. Dodson really captures the fun of the character and her personality just pops off of the page. Add to everything that this cover is a loving homage to the original cover to the first Harley Quinn series that Dodson himself drew, and you’ve got a guaranteed winner. Available in an awesome black and white or sensational color, it’s a must have for Harley Quinn fans!



Thanks for checking out the hottest covers of the week and come back next week for more from your friends at Midtown Comics!

The views expressed herein are solely those of the writer, and not Midtown Comics. Additionally, Midtown Comics makes no representations as to the accuracy of any of the information expressed herein.

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