Article by Enrique Varona

Article by Enrique Varona

Comic books are filled with bizarre adventures. With vindictive villains violently lashing out at the world and heroes heralding a better tomorrow, the possibilities are truly endless. Every week, some of the best artists in the world craft titanic tales through the dribble of their pen ink, with incredible imagery featured on store shelves. At Midtown Comics, we like to applaud these tremendous talents, highlighting the best covers of every week, as well as honorable mentions too good to pass up! These are our picks for the best comic book covers of the week!

Batman Beyond Rebirth Issue 1 by Ryan Sook


Debuting in 1999, Batman Beyond was the last great idea of the 90’s. With its sleek designs, distorted foes, and amazing intro, it immediately left an impact on the Batman franchise. Now, with DC Rebirth, Terry McGinnis is getting his first ongoing series set in the proper continuity of the DC Universe! In many ways, this is a classic Batman cover, with the caped crusader bathed in shadows. But Ryan Sook’s cover to the Rebirth issue is also dramatic and bold, using only red and black to create a much more striking image. Terry’s white eyes piece through the page, penetrating the reader and drawing them in. It is a dazzling welcome for the fan-favorite character.

Titans Issue 3 by Mike Choi


Mike Choi has been delivering top notch variant covers the current Titans series. Choi has always been great, as fans of his X-Force run will fondly remember. But there’s something different about his recent work, something timeless. His cover to issue 3 of Titans is a testament to that, using a traditional layout to showcase the might of Abra Kadabra over the heroes. The ominous lighting makes the classic Flash Rogue look especially sinister, with a twirling mustache and mischievous smile. Choi’s sensibilities are especially modern though, and he nails the designs of the team, making them look youthful and iconic. Coupling these two aspects together makes the cover truly… magical.

Web-Warriors Issue 11 by Julian Tedesco


For eleven issues, Julian Tedesco has helped create some of the best covers in comics for Web-Warriors. The team of multi-dimensional Spider-people have always looked spectacular, but this cover takes it to the next level. Featuring all sorts of Spiders, Tedesco layers the image with an unparalleled level of detail. The diverse designs really shine, and the fluidity of the motion is amazing. Whether it’s the aerial flips of the bulletproof armored Spider-Man, or the high energy and aggressiveness of Spider-Punk, each character’s personality comes through their pose in a way that looks natural. The cover is a loving tribute to the series, Spider-Verse, and the entire history of Spidey himself.

Wonder Woman Issue 7 by Jenny Frison


In her debut issue as cover artist for Wonder Woman, Jenny Frison immediately shows that she was born to draw the character. Diana of Themyscira looks regal as she raises her chin and looks out to the world of man. All of the details of her costume look positively sensational, from the folds of her cape to the overlapping layers of her skirt. As a fun detail, Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso of Truth shines and pops off of the page. And from a purely technical standpoint, the placement of Wonder Woman on the cover is perfect, with her emblem placed in the middle of the cover, the center of attention. I sincerely look forward to a plethora of Wonder Woman work from Jenny Frison in the future.

X-O Manowar Issue 50 by Marcos Martin


In the last four years, Valiant Comics has become a major player in the world of superhero comics. With huge hits such as Faith and Archer and Armstrong, they’ve emerged as the fastest growing company in comics. And it’s all thanks to X-O Manowar. To celebrate fifty issues of the flagship title, Marcos Martin clads the hero in black and orange, keeping the image simple to highlight how recognizable he has become as a staple of the company. Martin’s detailing of the muscle-like texture of the body suit along with the paneling of the armor pieces make this a home run, just like the series itself.

Honorable Mentions

Action Comics Issue 964 by Clay Mann

Action Comics Issue 964 by Gary Frank

Descender Issue 15 by Dustin Nguyen

Josie and the Pussycats Issue 1 by Audrey Mok

X-O Manowar Issue 50 All-Star Jam Cover

Thanks for checking out the hottest covers of the week and come back next week for more from your friends at Midtown Comics!

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