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Article by Gregg Katzman

Tomorrow is the most magnificent day of the week: new comic book day. Each and every Wednesday, the comic industry unleashes a bunch of brand new issues for you to enjoy. From fun action to compelling drama, there’s always going to be something for everyone out there – and obviously, tomorrow is no exception! Plenty of interesting comics will go on sale – click here for the full list of new releases – but we’re giving four issues some extra love.


Batman/TMNT Adventures #1


TWO Batman and TMNT crossovers in a single year? IDW Publishing and DC Comics, thank you so very much. The previous crossover – which was published by DC – focused on the comic book incarnations of the Dark Knight and the Heroes in a Half Shell. Now, IDW is publishing a crossover that’s focused on the animated incarnations! Kevin Conroy’s Caped Crusader from Batman The Animated Series is joining forces with the current animated Ninja Turtles from Nickelodeon! This is clearly mandatory reading for all of my fellow Batman TAS and TMNT fans out there. Oh, and Ninja Turtles fans, give the latest TMNT show a shot! I was skeptical at first but it’s legitimately great.

  • Writer: Matthew K. Manning
  • Artist: Jon Sommariva
  • Inker: Sean Parsons
  • Colorist: Leonardo Ito
  • Letterer: Shawn Lee

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Invincible Iron Man #1


There’s a new hero in the Marvel Universe and her name is Riri Williams, a.k.a. Ironheart. Taking place after Civil War II, Bendis and Caselli’s opening chapter is totally new reader friendly and a bunch of fun. This issue is mostly focused on helping readers get a better understanding of Riri while also mixing in a some amusing superhero action and just a bit of emotion. Bendis’ script is consistently engaging in this one but the art team – Caselli and Gracia – deserve praise for their work on creating some believable expressions throughout the issue.

  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Artist: Stefano Caselli
  • Colorist: Marte Gracia
  • Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

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Violent Love #1


Want to step outside of the superhero pool for a little bit? Love crime stories? Well, Image Comics new series from writer Frank J. Barbiere and Victor Santos is exactly what you’re looking for. The first issue is a truly gripping ride that’ll leave you anxiously awaiting the second issue just so you can leap back into the expertly presented story. Fun fact: Frank AND Victor will be signing this comic at Midtown Comics Downtown (64 Fulton St.) on Friday (11/8) from 7-8pm! Click here for more info on the signing. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

  • Writer: Frank J. Barbiere
  • Artist: Victor Santos
  • Designer: Dylan Todd

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All-Star Batman #4


Scott Snyder, John Romita Jr, Batman, and a backup story with visuals by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. Come on, do I really need to say anything else to sell you on this one? Yup, that’s what I thought.

  • Writer: Scott Snyder
  • Artist: John Romita Jr.
  • Inker: Danny Miki
  • Colorist: Dean White
  • Letterer: Steve Wands
  • Backup: Snyder (writer), Declan Shalvey (artist), Jordie Bellaire (colorist), Steve Wands (letterer)

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