29 May, 2012

5 Avengers Stories for New Readers

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With Avengers absolutely DOMINATING the box office, we thought it’d be good to give you guys a list of Avengers stories you can get into, or get a friend into. As great as the movie was, there are plenty of great stories from the Avengers’ rich history!

Avengers Marvel Masterworks Volume 1

The one that started it all, created by the Gods of Marvel, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby! Without those two, Marvel wouldn’t exist as we know it! The stories may be a bit dated (Rick Jones using CB radio to get help containing the Hulk?), but the themes are still the same. See Captain America get discovered in the ice! See Loki take on the Avengers the very first time! Classic American Superhero comic book storytelling, something Hollywood has started to appreciate the last few years.


The Korvac Saga

This one is a classic from the 70’s, where a man named Michael Korvac absorbs the Power Cosmic and becomes a nigh-omnipotent being. Korvac wants to use his power to help humanity, but “help” and “nigh-omnipotent being” don’t really go hand in hand. The Guardians of the Galaxy make an appearance to help the Avengers deal with a threat that could wipe out the world.


Kree-Skrull War

One of the definitive Marvel stories, the Kree-Skrull war takes two of the biggest alien powers and smashes them together, with Earth stuck in the middle. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have to end this conflict, or face global annihilation! There are some of the weirder moments in Marvel’s history in this book (Captain Marvel and Rick Jones sharing a body, Vision being assaulted by cows), but the Neal Adams art is gorgeous and Roy Thomas is one of the more prolific Avengers writers in history. A classic tale, whose reverberations are still felt today!

Avengers Dissassembled/New Avengers

The start of the modern Avengers revival, Brian Michael Bendis completely tore down the Avengers by having one of their own betray them. There was a lot of damage done, but out of the ashes, the New Avengers rose! This is a great place to start for people interested in current Avengers lore.


Civil War

One of the biggest blockbusters in comics history, Civil War stretches beyond the scope of just the Avengers, but you have two of it’s founders at the heart of it. A tragedy in Stanford leads to a Superhero Registration Act being passed, and the heroes become split. Captain America leads the anti-registration forces, and Iron Man leads the pro-registration team. This story pretty much was the first major touchstone in modern Marvel history, with everything else since pretty much spiraling out of the events of this series. A must read!

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