Batman v Superman

The wait to see director Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman is almost over, and now Warner Bros. and DC are asking us fans one big question: Who will win? Will Batman’s brilliant mind and technology make Superman learn what it means to be a man? Or will Superman’s sheer might stop the Dark Knight from humbling him? Or maybe Wonder Woman will knock some sense into both of them?! We won’t find out until the blockbuster DC movie opens on March 25th, but for now, we want to have some fun picking a side! This time, we’re going to support Big Blue! Kal-El/Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman, totally has what it takes to take the Dark Knight down a peg, and we have four quick and simple reasons why. Don’t worry, we’ll eventually share a counter-point article that roots for Batman, too!

Superman’s path to greatness vs. Batman’s bleak return


Ben Affleck’s Batman has already been a hero. Based on what we know, it was a grim and emotional experience for him. Now he’s put on the cape and cowl again because he wants revenge. Back in Man of Steel, Superman’s battle with General Zod destroyed Wayne’s building in Metropolis, and now Batman wants to get even. He tells Alfred he’s going after the hero because he fears Superman could take out the entire world. Still, you can tell it’s personal and Batman appears to be driven by a mix of fear and hate. Superman, on the other hand, appears to be doing everything he can to help the planet. The trailers show – and say – he’s doing as much saving as he possibly can. It must not be easy since a portion of the world despises him, but it looks like he’s trying to do the right thing. Batman going after Supes will only distract the duo from the true threats that lurk in the world and it’ll prevent Superman from potentially saving more lives.

Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… someone ridiculously powerful!

Superman Henry Cavill

Superhuamn strength. Superhuman durability. Superhuman speed. Heat vision. X-ray vision. Superhuman hearing. Phenomenal will power. Yes, Batman can – and likely will – use kryptonite to even the odds, but Superman isn’t just Superman because of his powers; Superman is Superman because of his personality and determination to help others. Batman may be a better fighter, but Superman’ will do anything and everything he can to make sure good overcomes evil. From his perspective, Batman’s a violent vigilante. He won’t go all-out against Batman, who’s only human, but he won’t let the Caped Crusader run around and brutally attack criminals, either. Superman may get hurt along the way, but you can bet he’s never going to give up, even if he doesn’t have his immense powers.

Batman isn’t the only genius

Batman v Superman

We all know that Batman is a brilliant strategist and a crafty fellow in general, but let’s face it, Superman’s a pretty smart guy too!  Our money says Superman would come dressed to the party in something that would repel kryptonite, like a lead-lined vest or something to that effect! If he doesn’t do that the first time he encounters kryptonite, it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s prepared the next time around!

The last son of Krypton, the greatest hero on Earth

Superman Man of Steel

Superman is…well, SUPERMAN! Even if you love Batman, there’s just no denying the Man of Steel’s greatness! He’s such an iconic and inspirational hero for a reason, after all!

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is directed by Zack Snyder, and written by Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer. The superhero movie opens March 25th. Who will you root for? Keep your eyes peeled for an article that sides with Batman!

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