Batman TAS Action Figures

To celebrate Kevin Conroy’s 60th birthday, we’re going to take a look at some of the coolest Batman: The Animated Series collectibles that are currently on sale! Seeing as the voice actor also portrayed Batman in the Arkham video game franchise (Arkham Origins aside, that is), we’ve also included a few awesome collectibles that are based on the action-packed and hugely entertaining video game series. Now, prepare your eyes for a whole lot of greatness.


Batman The Animated Series action figure

Batman TAS Kevin Conroy Figure

Batman The Animated Series Bust

Batman TAS bust

Batman The Animated Series Batmobile


Batman’s allies

Batman The Animated Series Batgirl action figure

Batgirl Batman TAS

Batman The Animated Series Nightwing action figure

Nightwing Batman TAS

Batman The Animated Series Robin action figure

Robin Batman TAS

Batman’s enemies

Batman The Animated Series Joker action figure

Joker Batman TAS

Batman The Animated Series Scarecrow action figure

Scarecrow Batman TAS

Batman The Animated Series Bane action figure

Bane Batman TAS

Batman The Animated Series Harley Quinn action figure

Harley Quinn Batman TAS

Batman The Animated Series Mad Hatter action figure

Mad Hatter TAS

Batman The Animated Series The Riddler action figure

Riddler Batman TAS

Video game collectibles

Arkham franchise Batman action figures 

Batman Arkham Action Figures

Batman: Arkham Knight Pops (Harley Quinn, Arkham Knight, Scarecrow)

Arkham Knight Funko Pops

Do you have any of the above items in your collection? Are you going to purchase any? Tell the world about your Batman: The Animates Series – and Arkham franchise – collection below!

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