And so it has begun – the first issue of the Death of Wolverine has arrived, the story’s end broadcast right there in the title. How could such a thing happen? He seemed so… durable, so…regenerative, that death itself could only ever be a cliffhanger to be overcome by the next issue. But they say that this is it, and so now is the time for eulogies and tributes…

For a long time, very little was known about the mutant called Logan, aka James Howlett- and numerous other aliases over the years. We would later learn of his beginnings  (Origin), the Weapon X program (Marvel Comics PresentsWolverine Weapon X), and other tales of his early years (Wolverine Origins), but most of us grew to love him as a member of the all new, all different X-men. He shared many adventures (Uncanny X-MenX-Men Vol. 2) with his fellow mutants, and shone amongst them no matter what line-up he was a part of (Astonishing X-men Vol. 3Amazing X-men Vol. 2). His reputation as a loner was contradicted by his willingness to lend his claws to comrades (Wolverine Gambit VictimsWolverine Punisher), be a mentor (Kitty Pryde and Wolverine), a teacher (Wolverine and the X-men) and a valuable team-player (Avengers Vol. 4Vol. 5New Avengers). A complex, if sometimes volatile character, his exploits were vast and well recorded (Wolverine Vol. 1-5), and though this death may not be his ultimate fate (Wolverine The EndWolverine Old Man Logan Giant-Size #1), we can take solace in the fact that Wolverine lives on in our hearts, memories, and back-issues.


Everybody makes mistakes – heck, the entire pencil-eraser industry exists on that premise. But sometimes you can’t just rub away, paint-over, or re-tool every misstep or mistake on the spot; sometimes you gotta do a recall. It doesn’t occur often in the comic industry, but it does happen; publishers recall books due to printing and content errors for reasons from the mundane to the egregious. But where other defective products are seen as a liability that most consumers would be happy to return, a recalled comic book is viewed as an instant collectible. And when these collectors part with them, they often find their way to our back issue warehouse. We’ve just added some of these issues to our website, with a brief explanation of why the book was recalled in the product description. Find them here.

-Brian Jay

Wonder Woman Vol. 2

Superman (Vol. 1)

Marc Spector Moon Knight

Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1)

Jungle Action

Marvel Two-In-One

New Warriors

Phantom Stranger Vol. 2


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