Welcome to the penultimate installment of C.C. Banana’s adventures at the 2011 New York Comic Con! Today the Banana (in the guise of Wolverine) takes on the smokin’ hot David Finch. As with his earlier interviews with artists Cully Hamner and Geof Darrow, it starts off serious but then takes a few unexpected turns! Luckily, David takes it all in stride and doesn’t let the Banana get under his skin.

Who will emerge victorious in this ferocious fruit face-off? Read on and find out, bub!

C.C. BANANA: What are the benefits of being exclusive to DC?

DAVID FINCH: There are a lot of benefits but for me it’s all about drawing my childhood heroes. I’ve already drawn Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash… it’s like a dream come true! I think that’s my biggest benefit, getting to draw all the DC characters I’ve always wanted to draw professionally. Plus, DC is just a great bunch of people. They’ve been very good to me and I’m very happy there.

C.C. BANANA: What is Aphrodite IX up to these days?

DAVID FINCH: I actually don’t know! That character is really special to me and I know Top Cow has plans for her… I just don’t know what they are! I’m a little disconnected now but at some point I’d like to do something with her again.

C.C. BANANA: Which of your films was more creatively satisfying, “Dune” or “Blue Velvet?”

DAVID FINCH: My films? No, that’s not me. That’s David Lynch. I’m David Finch.

C.C. BANANA: Did your fellow castmates on “Just Shoot Me” ever make fun of you for being so short?

DAVID FINCH: That wasn’t me, either! That was David Spade! I’m David Finch.

C.C. BANANA: Okay, but what was it like being the assistant to Jack Gallo at Blush Magazine?

DAVID FINCH: Wait, that’s the same guy. That’s David Spade again! On the show his name was Dennis Finch. I’m David Finch!

C.C. BANANA: Alright, then answer me this… why did you steal Christmas?

DAVID FINCH: Okay, you got me there! That was me. I’m the Finch who stole Christmas. I’m sorry about all of that.

C.C. BANANA: Apology accepted, Mr. Gingrich.

Come back tomorrow to see which New York Comic Con creator C.C. Banana will take on next!

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