By Tom Hairston

This month Marvel has once again released several new ongoing series, and something caught my eye about three of them, The Legendary Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Storm. These three titles might seem like they’ve got very little in common, but I couldn’t help but notice that each of these three characters have always been viewed solely as Team Characters — characters that would only be seen on their respective teams and never have their own solo series (Star-Lord had his own series in Marvel’s European line of books, but that whole line was considered by many to be only semi-cannon, plus this Star-Lord is so different from the old European incarnation I’m not counting it for this argument). And I for one love that they’re getting their own series, because it’s been a long time since “team characters” were allowed to break out on their own. In the old days, being on a team was kind of like your pathway to getting your own series, but most recently if a team is full of popular characters, those characters tend to just appear on more teams.

So hopefully we’ll see some more “team characters” get their own series, because everybody out there who picks up the Avengers, Justice League, X-Men, or any other team book has their favorite character on that team, and they want to see those characters break out on their own adventures. So for those fans, I’ve put together our list of the top five characters we would love to see break out into their own series.

5.) Raven

This might seem like an odd choice, but DC’s supernatural line of books in the New 52 has been one of their most successful, second only to the Batman books. However their Teenage heroes have kind of had trouble sticking around. Superboy is being canceled in a few months, which will leave only the Teen Titans. So a Raven title would help them to extend their young readers titles, as well as introducing those young readers into their more popular supernatural universe. Plus younger readers love the Teen Titans Go cartoon and Raven continues to be one of the most popular characters on that show. You take all those elements into account, and it actually makes a lot of sense for her to get her own series.


4.) Gamora

Marvel is really trying to push their Guardians of the Galaxy characters, almost as if they were trying to promote something. Is there a Guardians TV show coming out? No, I think I would have heard about that. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll think of it. Anyways, as I said Star-Lord and Rocket have already gotten their own series, leaving only Groot, Drax, and Gamora left. And as great as a Groot series would be, even the most diehard fan can only read “I am Groot” so many times. So my vote is going to Gamora for the next solo series. She’s the deadliest woman in the galaxy, has a big part in Original Sin, and she’s the daughter of Thanos, the villain for Avengers 3 who everyone is going to be talking about for years. So no offense to Drax or Groot, but Gamora is the obvious choice for the next Guardian solo series.


3.) Miss America

The latest incarnation of Young Avengers was a big hit and had a strong audience that has been aching for these heroes to come back. And in this Young Avengers series there were two breakout stars, Loki and Miss America. And Loki has already gotten his own series, so you’d think Miss America would be next, right? Her “punch everything” mentality and power level that places her as one of Marvel’s heavy hitters could certainly make for a fun action packed book, plus Marvel right now is having success reaching out to that younger fun loving audience as well as the quickly growing female comic audience, and giving America Chavez a series could be another step towards appealing to these groups of readers.


2.) Falcon

After the Winter Soldier, Falcon’s star has been on the rise. He’s now far closer to being a household name than he’s ever been and he was recently confirmed to be in Avengers 2. So far, most characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have already been given their own ongoing series (Black Widow, Iron Patriot) so it would make sense for Falcon to be the next in line. Plus, back when I reviewed the Winter Soldier I said that if Marvel didn’t give Falcon his own ongoing series within four months then I’d eat my hat, and we’ve got about one more month before I have to make good on that promise. So Marvel, if you could go ahead and announce that, it would be great, because I really don’t want to have to follow through on that deal.


1.) Cyborg

The New 52 is about to hit its three year anniversary, and one of the big changes that was made in this relaunch was that now the Justice League has had the same seven members for its entire history, and those members now included Cyborg. And yet, out of all the Justice League members, Cyborg is the only one of them who has yet to receive his own series. But they shouldn’t just give him a series simply because he’s the only character who hasn’t yet gotten one, they should give him a series because he deserves it. Cyborg is a great character and Geoff Johns himself has said that with his connection to technology, he is the perfect character to lead the way into the next generation of comics. Plus, between older fans remembering him from the classic Wolfman Teen Titans run, younger fans knowing him from the Teen Titans cartoons, and future fans about to see him in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film, he’s got far more name recognition than people give him credit for.

Well that’s it for today, but continue to check back on Midtown Comics for more blogs and countdowns, and leave in the comments below who you think deserves their own series.

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