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There’s a new inhuman in the Marvel Universe. The guy’s name is Ulysses, and he has quite a power: it appears he can predict the future. Captain Marvel wants to use this ability to prevent tragedies and crimes from occurring. Iron Man, however, thinks it’s wrong to take action against someone before they’ve committed a crime – or maybe even before they’ve thought of it. Now, Ulysses had a vision of the Hulk lashing out. With Civil War II #3, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and many other heroes visit Bruce Banner to talk about the violent vision Ulysses had about the Green Goliath. But when all is said and done, one character is no longer alive.


Did Bruce turn into the Hulk and take a life? Did a moral argument between the heroes turn vicious and someone fell in the conflict? Or did something else happen? We won’t spoil it for you because we’re nice like that, but once you have read the issue, take a second or two to vote in our poll below!

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