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By Thomas Hairston

As I am writing this E3, or as it is better known, Christmas for Gamers, is going on. It’s when all the video game creators and publishers come out and say “Hey, here’s everything that we’re making, here’s all of our announcements, go pre-order it now!” It’s the time of year when a bunch of programmers turn into rock stars and we all cross our fingers and hope that the Last Guardian gets a release date (it won’t, just accept it now and you’ll be a lot happier).

But this isn’t a video game website, this is a comic book website, and comic books and video games have had a very rocky, love-hate relationship up until recently. We all remember the good games, such as the X-Men arcade game and the Playstation Spider-Man, and we all remember the bad, the atrocious Superman 64 and… yeah, there’s nothing else quite as bad as that. But ever since Batman jumped into the ring with a little game called “Arkham Asylum,” it gave new hope to comic book loving gamers everywhere. They could now see their favorite heroes in not just decent games, but great games! Since then, we’ve even seen game adaptations of less action focused series, such as Walking Dead and Fables, that haven’t just been impressive, they’ve been award winning!

So with this new enthusiasm behind video game adaptations of comics, I’ve compiled a list of the top five comic book games we want to see:

5. Powers

Powers Comics












Brian Michael Bendis’s cop drama about the police bureau that dealt with the super human world was ahead of its time and helped to turn Image Comics into the stellar company that it is today. It was everything that a modern day noir detective story should be, plus super heroes. And as I said, Telltale games is having huge success adapting more story based series into Adventure games. After Walking Dead and Fables, I can’t think of a better series to be their next focus. Plus, Sony just announced they’re turning Powers into a Playstation Plus exclusive television series, so it seems logical to just take that next step!

4. Spider-Man

Spider-Man Comics









It’s been a while since we got a good Spider-Man game, and the Arkham game series proves that we can now make one better than we’ve ever seen before. Think about it, in Arkham City not only do you sneak around on rooftops and travel by swinging around through the city, but in combat you even dodge your opponent’s attacks by using Spider-Sense. Oh, they can say it was his combat reflexes all they like, but we all know they gave Batman Spider-Sense in that game. So just slap on Pete’s red and blue costume and put a Goblin mask on the Joker and you’ve got the perfect Spider-Man game.

3. Superman 

I said it had been a while since we got a good Spider-Man game, but we’ve never had a good Superman game, and for the most well-known super hero in the world, that’s just a shame. People have always argued that you can’t make a good Superman game because nothing can hurt him. If he fights a mugger, then the bullets will just bounce right off him, so what’s the point? But why does he have to fight muggers? Send Superman to War World and have him fight Mongul’s soldiers! Have Braniac land and cover the city with killer robots! I haven’t even brought up what you could do with Darkseid and Apokolips. The problem with making a Superman game isn’t that your options are too limited, but that you have so many options of where to take it, so get cracking game developers.

2. Wonder Woman 

Batman has had games, Superman has had games, Green Lantern has had games, even Aquaman has gotten a game! And yet we’ve never seen a Wonder Woman game. But why is she so deserving of a game that she makes it all the way to the number two spot? Well let’s see, in the current New 52 interpretation of Wonder Woman, she’s the God of War and fights off giant monstrous versions of creatures from Greek Mythology. Now let’s see, would people want a game where you fight Greek Mythological figures as the God of War? Hmm, could there already be an incredibly popular game franchise out there that proves that this is exactly what gamers enjoy? Sounds familiar.

1. The Avengers

Avengers Comic Books








It was the biggest movie of 2012 and it will be the biggest movie of 2015. They were working on a movie tie-in game to be released alongside the film, but they canceled it when they realized, “Wait, movie tie in games are always terrible, and they’re not really selling anymore.” This is true, but it doesn’t have to be a movie tie in game. People love the Avengers right now and they’re going to keep loving them for a long time. That movie next year could be a huge disappointment, but we’ll still have at least four more years before the heat starts to die down on them. So get started on that game now and you could have a huge hit within the next few years. And it would actually be better if it wasn’t a movie tie-in, because then instead of just having six playable characters, imagine a game where you and three friends could swap in and out of a cast of over fifty characters from the comics to face dozens of classic Avengers villains. You get a dedicated cast of programmers who are willing to actually program different gameplay mechanics in for every character from Scarlet Witch to Captain America, and you’ll have one of the best Super Hero video games in history.

And there you have it, Midtown’s list of Super Hero Video Games we want to see, so feel free to share your personal wish list with us below.

The views expressed herein are solely those of the writer, and not Midtown Comics.  Additionally, Midtown Comics makes no representations as to the accuracy of any of the information expressed herein.

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