Let’s talk crossover comics. Today, creators are coming from every environment you can imagine for a chance to write stories, and make their way into the beautiful medium we know as comics. There are comedians, musicians, and actors galore putting out books they’ve probably been dreaming up since they were kids, and we’re all benefiting. One of my picks this week is Evil Empire #1 by Max Bemis, frontman for the band Say Anything, a band I grew up listening to. Last year, his book Polarity released by Boom! Studios was an underdog hit and sold out everywhere. Today, you can grab the first issue of his new series for Boom!, Evil Empire.

     DIY and Indie spreads across most mediums today, with more independent films and music being made than ever before. My vegan friends can rejoice in Liberator – a title by Matt Miner, that told the story of vigilantes looking out for animals who can’t speak for themselves. Now, Matt brings us an interesting new crossover, Liberator Earth Crisis Salvation of Innocents (issue #1, released March 12, will be available to order via the Midtown Comics New Releases page today!) being released in tandem with a new concept album from metalcore legends Earth Crisis, titled Salvation of Innocents, telling a different side of the same character’s story. Other musicians like Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance fame), for example,  have found a strong following in the indie comics scene, and I don’t see them going anywhere soon!

   Comedians have also erupted as new talent for sequential storytelling, with Brian Posehn’s Deadpool and Taran Killam’s Illegitimates being so successful, other comedians will surely follow. One of my current favorites, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, collects original stories drawn from the popular Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast, and Paul F. Tompkins’ mustache has never looked more wonderful than it is depicted in this hilarious book.

    With creators from all mediums joining forces to make comics, we can only hope that our community grows larger and stronger, and that we can all support original thoughts, art, and movements that leave us better people in the end.

      As always, find my picks for the week of March 5 under the break! They won’t disappoint!




     This book, well…it took me by surprise. Drawn to the cover, I couldn’t resist. Upon opening to the first page, my brain and eyes rejoiced and now, here I am. I cannot recommend this book enough! But warning: it is not for the faint of heart or even mildly immature. For fans of Rick & Morty, Superjail, comes this colorful and hilarious story about a Hollywood producer who is drowning in a career-ending project, and is swiftly losing his mind. Nathan T. Rex, our protagonist, begins this story on a trip, if you will. Swimming through a literal sea of over-used, cheap gimmicks and searching for his Aha! idea. Then comes a splash page that could only be described as acid gone right. From there, the litany of ‘offenses’ are used to further our love/hate relationship with T. Rex and show how cheap Tinseltown really is, giving us glimpses into the desperation and greed of a real world we know all too well. When T.’s mega-film “Cosmos” is very poorly received, he will seemingly stop at nothing to save his career. This books shows us the real world through a drug-addled mirror, and highlights the best and worst in our obsession with self. Grab it, before it’s gone!

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