Justice League of America

Who wants to win a Midtown Comics gift card? Okay, that’s a silly question to ask, because obviously that’s something you want! Well, thanks to our nifty new contest, you have a chance to win one!

Beginning next week, DC will be releasing comics that allow you – yes, you – to color a cover that’s full of the publisher’s popular heroes and villains. So, we’re asking just one simple thing from you: share your coloring with us for a chance to win a gift card! Once you’re finished coloring the cover, post it on Twitter and be sure to tag us! In case you don’t know by now, we’re @MidtownComics. You should probably give us a follow as well… you know, (since you’re nice like that) and we’d really appreciate it! Not only is this a good chance for your to show off your talent as a colorist, but we’re also going to hand out a few gift cards to some of the artists behind the submissions! Only physical copy submissions will be considered – that means no digital coloring!

You can find all of the covers here! Here’s a look at just a few of the eye-catching covers that are just begging to be filled with color:

Superman Wonder Woman JLA Green Arrow Flash Batman Superman

Here’s the full list of DC’s black and white covers: Holy black and white covers, Batman!


Please tweet to us by the end of January for a chance to win! Again, only physical copy submissions will be considered – that means no digital coloring! Enjoy coloring those covers! Good luck, everyone!

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