Bloggerinos! Raph here, with a conversation with Friend of Midtown, Matt Fraction! We talk mostly about his Marvel work, but I also got a peak at Satellite Sam, which is his latest series over at Image Comics! Enjoy!

RAPH:  So we are about a year into your run with David Aja on Hawkeye, who you worked with before on Immortal Iron Fist, did it feel like riding a bike, or was there an adjustment period?

MATT FRACTION: It was like going from a bike to the TRON lightcycle. it’s a different working method but i knew it’d be a better book for it — writing Marvel Style for David is the best way to Let David Be David and, in turn, make HAWKGUY the best book we can make it.

RAPH: Your career has taken an interesting arc at Marvel: First there were the small, character-driven books (Iron Fist), then the large team book (X-Men), then the keys to two of Marvel’s pillars (Iron Man, Thor) and now finally, back to the character-driven (Hawkeye, Fantastic Four), how do you feel about your path through Marvel?

MF: I suppose i’d feel pretty grateful if I had half a second to stop and think about it.

RAPH: Going back to Hawkeye, how much research did you do to capture Brooklyn? I grew up near Brighton Beach and I always chuckle when I see the guys in the track suits screaming “BRO!”, just because I know people like that. Also, the Hurricane Sandy issue was particularly touching, do you have a secret contact in Brooklyn? A bro, bro?

MF: No, but i’ve lived in the city and i have friends there and know those guys too. Or knew. That whole subculture has a name, a Russian name, but I can’t remember it now. Anyway I didn’t make the Tracksuit Draculas up. And I love Brooklyn, so.

RAPH: Touching on Fantastic Four, I sense that a lot of your inspiration for Fantastic Four comes not just from the sci-fi groundwork laid by talented creators from Kirby to Hickman, but also a heavy focus on the family, maybe the best since the Waid/Wieringo run, do you draw from your own experiences for that?

MF: Oh, of course. Every day. My daughter sleeps like Val, for example.

RAPH: Finally, Kate Bishop is running around with the Young Avengers, what does that mean for her role in Hawkeye, bro? Can she come back to NY while she’s trekking around the world with her buddies?

MF: Well, if you’re reading YA, you know she’s got to get out of New York — which dovetails nicely with what we see at the end of HAWKGUY #11…
That’s all for the discussion with Matt, but I did want to bring up Matt’s new book (released on July 3rd), Satellite Sam, from Image Comics. With art by Howard Chaykin, the series revolves around the murder of a 1950’s television star, Satellite Sam, and the mystery that is left behind for his son, Mike, to figure out. With elements of the best noir and a pinch of Mad Man thrown in (wrong decade,I know), the first issue opens with a great look into television production in the 1950’s, but also simultaneously gives us New York City in the 50’s, as well as the aforementioned dead corpse with a thousand questions. What did Satellite Sam do to get killed? Find out alongside Mike! I enjoyed the first issue thoroughly, I hope you will also.
Until Next Time–
– Raph

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