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In today’s age of increasingly short attention spans, a cover may be a book’s only chance to catch a reader’s eyes. A single moment, a glance that has to tell them everything they need to know about what lies within. A great cover artist is a valuable talent in the comic book industry, working diligently to entice their audience. Using various inks, brushes, and computer programs, they create the images that etch themselves into the minds of millions. At Midtown Comics, we truly love a cool cover, and we want to show them off every Monday. Here are our picks for some of the best looking books this week, and some honorable mentions worth exploring.


Action Comics Issue 962 by Clay Mann 


Doomsday is no joke. Ever since his debut, he has been universally acknowledged as one of the toughest villains in all of DC. His return to Action Comics has made the book honor its name. For the cover to issue 962 of Superman’s longest lasting series, Clay Mann shows the Man of Steel and Doomsday fighting for supremacy. As they punch each other into the title itself, debris flies through the air and the ground shakes. The tears on both characters costumes emphasize the longevity of the brawl, and highlights Superman’s struggle. Clay Mann has brought incredible quality to the series, honoring the legacy of the title, and his cover to the latest issue shows his commitment to creating high quality Action Comics.


Adventure Time Comics Issue 2 by Greg Smallwood

Midtown Comics Adventure Time Greg Smallwood

Honestly, Adventure Time is a decently terrifying show. It features a young boy fighting for his survival in an apocalypse alongside his mutated dog. Never is that more apparent than in Greg Smallwood’s realistically rendered cover to the new Adventure Time Comics series. With the ominous Lich looming in the background, Finn stands ready for battle. His posture bears the weight of great bravery, but his face betrays him and shows his fear. It creates a fantastic portrait of the young hero, who is typically shown to be comically cheerful. Jake’s determined face compliments his call to action, as his fist triumphantly flies forward. The entire cover is a bizarre treat for all the series’ fans.

Batgirl Issue 2 by Francis Manapul

Midtown Comics Batgirl Francis Manapul 2

You can take Batgirl out of Burnside, but you can’t take the Burnside out of Batgirl, as Francis Manapul shows in his dazzling cover to the second issue of her new series. Barbara Gordon dons her championship gear as she prepares for her MMA debut. The lights of the fighting arena shine behind Babs, as her bright yellow gear bursts forth. With Burnside written across her chest, and a sweatshirt inspired by her colorful masked persona, she’s ready to take the fight to any and all comers. Francis Manapul is clearly having fun, as his playful design wonderfully compliments both her past series and her current direction, enticing readers to dig in!

Lucifer Issue 9 by Dave Johnson

Midtown Comics Lucifer Dave Johnson

Cast out of Heaven, Lucifer is perhaps the most infamous figure in all of history. Dave Johnson iconically depicts Lucifer’s inglorious exit from Heaven in his cover to the self-titled series. God’s hand comes forth as it casts the Devil out, dooming him to an eternity of struggle. Johnson’s art is crisp and clean, using minimal linework and instead choosing to focus on a bold layout. Lucifer himself is well detailed, with the individual feathers of his wings looking particularly great. Johnson emphasizes the action and motion of the cover through the use of lightning bolts, evoking Greek imagery and highlighting the power of God. It is a truly sensational cover for the Sandman spin-off.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 Annual by George Caltsoudas

Midtown Comics Mighy Morphin Annual Caltsoudas

As iconic as the designs of the original Power Rangers are, the wicked Rita Repulsa is often overlooked. George Caltsoudas does the demented dame justice in his variant cover for this oversized annual. While her hair shoots off towards the sky, Rita herself glares forward, to the reader. Caltsoudas captures the essence of the character with great detailing on Rita’s makeup, headdress, and staff. While the Rangers jump about in the foreground of the image, the best part of the cover may be Rita’s minions, who has been cleverly hidden in the shadows of her body. Easily mistaken as folds in Rita’s robe, it takes a keen eye to notice Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar lurking within. The layout, cleverness, and technique make this cover truly morphenomenal!


Honorable Mentions

Blue Beetle Rebirth Issue 1 by Cully Hamner

Dept. H Issue 5 by Matt Kindt

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 Annual by Goni Montes

Rai Issue 16 by David Mack

Sombra Issue 2 by Jilipollo


Thanks for checking out the hottest covers of the week and come back next week for more from your friends at Midtown Comics!

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