02 Jun, 2015

DC Freebies For June!

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DC Comics fans are in for a treat this month, as the company is releasing free posters, temporary tattoos, ID cards, and stickers every Wednesday in June! We’ll also have limited edition masks for sale each week for only $1.25! Stop by Midtown Comics to pick up the following free items while supplies last!


WEEK 1 – Wednesday, 06/03/15

  • Justice League Darkseid Vs. Anti Monitor Posters
  • Batmite Temporary Tattoos
  • Bizarro Temporary Tattoos
  • Batman Beyond Paper Masks ($1.25)


WEEK 2 – Wednesday, 06/10/15

  • Batman Armor Blueprint Poster
  • Starfire Postcards
  • Gotham Academy Crest Stickers
  • Harley Quinn Paper Masks ($1.25)


WEEK 3 – Wednesday, 06/17/15

  • Justice League of America Posters by Bryan Hitch
  • Black Canary Concert Posters
  • Pres Bumper Stickers
  • Robin Son of Batman Paper Masks ($1.25)


WEEK 4 – Wednesday, 06/24/15

  • Superman Daily Planet Replica Editions
  • Grayson Spyral ID Cards
  • We Are Robin Temporary Tattoos
  • Batgirl Paper Masks ($1.25)


Remember, these items will only be available while supplies last, so please arrive early if you’d like to take home some of these freebies, or purchase these rare, collectible masks! If you can’t get your hands on a free item, stay tuned as Midtown Comics will be running some fun giveaways for any leftover prizes!


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