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Article by Gregg Katzman

DC Rebirth has done an amazing job re-energizing my interest in the publisher’s fictional universe. The DC Rebirth Special was a brilliant way to begin the new direction and it’s so obvious that DC has a clear focus with each of these titles: celebrate what people love about these characters and teams. Go back to the basics, and then do something fresh with it. Don’t change things just for the sake of changing them. Instead, embrace the positive and run with it! So far, each and every title has managed to capture my interest; some more than others, obviously, but the fact that all of the titles have me wanting to see more proves that the publisher really has given this new direction everything they’ve got. Okay, I could go on and on about why I think DC Rebirth is a step in the right direction (you can read a coworker’s editorial about that here), but that’s not why you’re here. You’re here because you want to see what DC has to offer on this week’s new comic book day! So grab a drink, get comfortable, and prepare to get excited for brand new DC Rebirth issues!



By Keith Giffen, Scott Kolins, Romulo Fajardo Jr

Any Young Justice fans out there? Okay, that’s a pretty silly question because there obviously are! If you’re one of the countless fans of the awesome animated show, Jaime Reyes’ big return should be an obvious addition to your pull list. I’ve already flipped through a few pages of the issue and it looks like this one is full of fun and action. Hear the Scarab’s voice in your head while you read the solicit:

“Lost in the desert with no memory of the past few years, teenager Jaime Reyes must find his way home again, but when he reaches his town, he’s shocked to find it abandoned and in the hands of government officials, officials who are very interested in the Blue Beetle and the scarab that gives him his power! How can Jaime find his family and uncover the secret behind the town’s seizure, and why Kord Industries is helping keep the world from learning the truth?”

Get Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1 here:



By Simon Oliver, Moritat, Andre Szymanowicz

Still not happy about NBC cancelling Constantine? (Same here.) Well, I have two pieces of great news for you. First up, actor Matt Ryan will voice John Constantine in 2017’s Justice League Dark animated movie! Secondly (and much more relevant to this article), DC Rebirth has given the Hellblazer his very own comic, and it features the Avatar of the Green: Swamp Thing! You don’t need to cast a spell to get more info on this one, DC fans. Here’s the solicit:

“London may have recovered from Constantine’s return, but he hasn’t. Mercury hasn’t forgiven him, but she won’t leave him alone, and Swamp Thing is calling in a favor. And all the while, bigger things are brewing…”

Get Hellblazer #1 here:



By Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, Jeromy Cox

He’s smart. He’s skilled. He’s slick. He’s Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke. The most dangerous mercenary in the DC Universe (sorry, Bane, but you’re still my favorite one!) is front and center in a fast-paced and gripping story that does a proper job reminding readers that Slade is not someone they’d want to cross. Would you like to know more? Use your enhanced reflexes to scroll down the page while you read the solicit:

“Deathstroke’s latest contract takes him to a war-torn African country, where he finds himself caught in the middle of a disintegrating alliance between a ruthless dictator and a deadly super-villain. With an entire nation at stake, Slade Wilson must choose between fulfilling his contract and saving an old friend.”

Get Deathstroke #1 here:


Midtown Comics Action Comics Clay Mann

By Dan Jurgens, Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert, Rob Leigh, Ulises Arreola

When Doomsday entered the DC Universe, the titan took down the Man of Steel in an unforgettable brawl. Now, Big Blue is having a massive rematch with the immense enemy, but this time around, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor have the Kryptonian’s back! This title has been non-stop action (which, given the name, is obviously very appropriate) and this issue will conclude the super-sized slugfest! How will the heroes drop Doomsday? Will they? Okay, they probably will, but I’m anxious to find out how, and whether or not their victory will come at a cost. Look! Down in the next line! It’s a picture… It’s a link… It’s a solicit:

“In the epic conclusion, the mystery of Black Zero deepens just as the Man of Steel makes a fateful decision that may stop Doomsday, but also risks the lives of those he loves most.”

Get Action Comics #962 here:



By Hope Larson, Rafael Albuquerque, Dave McCaig

Despite everyone in the Batman family being drastically different, they all do have some noticeable similarities. For example, they’re all super determined people who have an obsession with justice. Also, they’re all great fighters – yes, even Alfred Pennyworth. I’d be willing to bet Bat-Cow could wreck some criminals, too. In this new Batgirl series, Barbara Gordon is striving to become the best version of Batgirl she can possibly be, and part of that means stepping up her skills as a martial artist! How will her first MMA match go down? Would it make Bruce Wayne proud, or would it make Damian Wayne mock her? Oracle has provided us with the solicit:

“Batgirl is off to Singapore! Following the mysterious advice of the ancient superhero known as Fruit Bat, Babs dives into the dangerous world of MMA fighting. But her first opponent may be more than just an adversary in the ring. Could she be connected to Babs’ new travel-companion-slash-maybe-crush?”

Get Batgirl #2 here:



By Joshua Williamson, Felipe Watanabe, Andrew Currie, Oclair Albert, Juan Plascencia

Do you also love The CW’s The Flash? Cool, I do, too! But how many of you are also reading the Flash comics, or have friends who watch the show but don’t read the comics? Probably quite a few of you, right? Well, now is the time to fix that! This new title has been hugely entertaining so far and it can serve as a fine introduction to the DC Universe for fans of the TV show. Do your good deed today: convince someone who loves the show to check out the comic! Read this solicit as fast as you can:

“With Central City now protected by dozens of freshly trained Flashes, Barry Allen takes time out to explore a new relationship. Meanwhile, a serial killer targets citizen speedsters as Wally West takes his first steps toward becoming the new Kid Flash!”

Get The Flash #5 here:



By Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp, Laura Martin

Do I seriously need to convince you to pick this title up? I mean, it’s Greg Rucka back on Wonder Woman! To top it off, it’s Diana’s 75th anniversary, so it would just be downright disrespectful not to give the title a shot! Thankfully, it’s definitely a series worth being on your pull list, and you should absolutely convince everyone who’s interested in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie to read it! The Lasso of Truth commands you to reveal whether or not you’re going to read this solicit:

“Steve Trevor finds himself trapped in the heart of Urzkartaga’s darkness, with Wonder Woman and Cheetah the only hope of rescue for him and his men. But how far can Cheetah be trusted?”

Get Wonder Woman #5 here:



By Robert Venditti, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Tomeu Morey

While Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz save the world from Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns over in Green Lanterns, this series is where cosmic fans go for their dose of Hal Jordan and Sinestro. After skimming through a few pages of this latest issue, one thing is crystal clear: this issue is full of vibrant, ring-slingin’ action. In brightest day, in blackest night… No solicitation shall escape your sight:

“Pushed to his limits, Hal Jordan must fight his way through a squad of Sinestro Corps members, but he risks losing himself to the power he now wields as his battle with Sinestro nears.”

Get Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #3 here:



By James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriano Lucas

Another Batman comic?” I’m sure some of you are thinking that, but Detective Comics isn’t all about Batman – it’s about other characters who undoubtedly deserve some extra time in the spotlight. This title focuses heavily on Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Spoiler, Batwoman, and Clayface. Also, it’s legitimately excellent, so there’s that. Use your detective skills to find the solicit for this comic. Spoiler: they’re right under this sentence.

“The full scope of the Colony’s plans, and their mysterious leader, have all been revealed, so what’s it going to take to stop them? Believe us, you are not prepared for the last scene!”

Get Detective Comics #939 here:



By Dan Abnett, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, Andrew Dalhouse, Carrie Strachan

The DC Rebirth Special brought Wally West back into the DC Universe, and now you can continue to follow the speedster’s story in the pages of Titans! Wally’s reunited with his friends, but will he ever reconnect with Linda Park? This new issue’s loaded with energy, and not even Dr. Manhattan himself can prevent you from remembering that you read this solicit:

“As the Titans prepare to do the unthinkable in order to defeat the intergalactic demon that stole time itself from the DC Universe, enter the Fearsome Five! But are the sinister quintet acting of their own accord, or are greater forces at work?”

Get Titans #2 here:


That’s it for this week, DC fans! Which comics are you excited to read? Remember to be good to each other and convince your friends to give some comics an honest chance!

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