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By Raph Soohoo

The Top 10 Toughest DC Superhero Countdown begins with #10-#8! Have we left anyone off this list? Read on and let us know your thoughts!

#10 – Aquaman

Aquaman Comics

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Aquaman is King of the Oceans, which cover 70% of the planet. He can communicate with all aquatic life. Due to living underwater, Arthur’s strength and durability are greatly enhanced. Arthur can also leap great distances, and he’s a vicious, skilled warrior. He’s not an easy out, but it’s a matter of defeating all of these other, more powerful beings.


SHAZAM: Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Sorry Aquaman, but your fight has been reduced to an old internet meme. LOSS

GREEN LANTERN: Hal’s Will is stronger, plus the ring is more impressive than Arthur’s trident. Aquaman is tough, but not tough enough. LOSS.

WONDER WOMAN: Wonder Woman is Poseidon’s niece and the Greek Goddess of War, Aquaman is just overmatched. LOSS.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: Maybe, just maybe, Aquaman’s telepathy can negate J’onn’s. There’s still the flight, superior strength, and Martian vision to deal with. LOSS.

FLASH: Flash is too fast for Aquaman, who may be tough, but moves at a relatively pedestrian pace. Can’t hit what you can’t see! LOSS.

SUPERMAN: Harder, better, faster, stronger. Sorry Aquaman, but you’ve been Daft Punked. LOSS.

BATMAN: Batman would lose toe-to-toe, but he has contingencies for stuff like this. Aquaman is a more vicious fighter, but Batman is a master of  multiple martial arts. I’m actually tempted to give this to Aquaman, but Batman is TMWTP (The Man With The Plan). LOSS.

OMAC: Fish Fry anyone? OMAC has a database of all the metahumans and their weaknesses, Aquaman is not powerful enough to defeat OMAC. It’d be a knock-down drag out, messy fight, but it goes to OMAC. LOSS.

FIRESTORM: Nuclear fire = fish fry. LOSS.

RECORD: 0 – 9

#9 – OMAC

OMAC Comics

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Brother Eye has hijacked the body of Kevin Kho, allowing him to transform into an incredibly strong and tough cyborg. OMAC also has a database on the abilities of all the meta-humans, but whether or not he can duplicate powers like Amazo remains to be seen. OMAC is the biggest wild card, because we just don’t know what he’s capable of. In Suicide Squad, he’s taken on the likes of Power Girl and King Shark, but is it enough to take on Superman and Wonder Woman? As for why he’s on a list of supposed heroes, Kevin is a nice guy and tries to do the right thing, and I thought I’d throw in a wild card, since this character is almost completely rebuilt in the New 52 Universe.


SHAZAM:  As I’ll mention in the Shazam section, I think the magic lightning can disrupt OMAC’s systems. Prior to the New 52, OMAC could approximate the lightning to de-power Mary Marvel, I just don’t know if that’s the case anymore. LOSS.

GREEN LANTERN: Can’t underestimate GL’s will. Even if he’s been beat by the top tier people like Wonder Woman and Supes, he can hold his own for a while. I believe Hal can figure out how to defeat OMAC before Brother Eye/OMAC can deploy whatever countermeasures they have. LOSS.

WONDER WOMAN: If Superman is in the top tier of power, Wonder Woman is behind him by a tick or two. I don’t know that Brother Eye’s machine could compensate for that much power. LOSS.

FIRESTORM: Firestorm has a distinct advantage here, since OMAC is mostly inorganic material. Transmuting all of it into putty might free Kevin Kho of the OMAC curse. LOSS.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: J’onn can’t control Brother Eye, and OMAC can adapt to enemies. Shazam, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern won because their pure power overwhelmed OMAC before he could compensate. J’onn’s sense of nobility would not allow him to kill Kevin Kho. Could Brother Eye find a way through J’onn’s myriad abilities? I’m going with no. LOSS.

FLASH: OMAC can’t move as fast, and it’s doubtful he could land a hit, since he’s basically a human tank. OMAC might have some sort of neutralizing agent that could slow Flash down, but again, can he hit Flash with it? I think so, because when Flash moves in to punch OMAC 100 times a second, the armor might hold long enough to activate the countermeasures. WIN.

SUPERMAN: He’s Superman. He has so many edges over OMAC, I don’t even know where to begin. The one area of vulnerability might be Kevin himself, which would allow OMAC to maybe activate some sort of Red Sun Beam to sap his powers, but this Superman is aggressive enough to lash out and stop that from happening, and Kevin SHOULD survive the process. LOSS.

BATMAN: Can the world’s greatest detective outwit a super computer? If he can get that nifty EMP gun from the Dark Knight Rises, then sure! LOSS

AQUAMAN: This would be a brutal brawl to the finish. Aquaman fights with a ferocity that guys like Superman don’t need to, because he’s not as powerful. He also has the trident and a chip in his shoulder. He’s not Namor, he can survive outside of water, so what can OMAC pull out of his bag of tricks? They’re about even in strength, this feels like a real knock down drag out fight. WIN.

RESULTS: 2 – 7

#8 – Firestorm


POWERS AND ABILITIES: Firestorm is a walking nuclear reactor, with the ability to project blasts of energy, fly, and increase his strength and durability. He also has the ability to transmute inorganic matter, which is probably his ace in the sleeve. The ability to change matter from one form to another is probably one of the most dangerous and underrated. The only limitation is the knowledge of Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond, the two teenagers who combine to form Firestorm; therein lies the rub, they are kids trying to play at hero, and while they have the power, they don’t necessarily have the skill or knowledge.


SHAZAM: Firestorm and Shazam are neophytes, with Firestorm having the edge in experience. Can they beat someone almost as powerful as Superman? What could they produce to counter Shazam? I’m hard pressed to come up with an answer here. LOSS.

GREEN LANTERN: Can’t underestimate GL’s will, and Hal’s overall experience. Can Firestorm affect the ring? If he could, this is likely the quickest match-up, but  more than likely the Guardians have put in safety measures.LOSS.

WONDER WOMAN: Wonder Woman is stronger, but say she slashes into Firestorm, could she survive the nuclear onslaught? I don’t know that she  could. WIN.

OMAC: All that inorganic material covering Kevin? That’s Firestorm’s wheelhouse. The only question is if Brother Eye/OMAC can find a way to block that, which I don’t know if this version of the character can do. WIN.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: Firestorm’s nuclear fire is a big advantage, but this Martian Manhunter is a little more vicious than the previous one, fire bothers him, but it’s not to the extent of Kryptonite to Superman. He wouldn’t back down, and he’d probably find a way to split Ronnie and Jason. LOSS.

FLASH: Transmuting the entire ground into something sticky would work initially, but Barry can vibrate through the ground. The trick is, can Firestorm knock out Flash before Barry gets away? Or does Barry catapult himself into the air and pummel Firestorm into the ground, not giving him time to think? My money is on the latter. LOSS.

SUPERMAN: Amanda Waller had Firestorm working on creating Kryptonite in Trinity War, but it’s debatable if he ever got the hang of it. Superman clearly has the advantage if that’s the case, which I’m going to say it is.LOSS.

BATMAN: Even taking in the fact  two teenagers make up Firestorm, the power advantage is overwhelming. Firestorm is a nuclear reactor that can transmute any inorganic material. That means batarangs become putty, and Batmobiles turn into sludge. Unless Batman knows how to disrupt the Firestorm Matrix, I don’t know how he… oh wait, he probably DOES know how to disrupt the Firestorm Matrix, because he’s Batman. LOSS.

AQUAMAN: This would be a brutal brawl to the finish. Aquaman fights with a ferocity that guys like Superman don’t need to, because he’s not as powerful. He also has the trident and a chip in his shoulder. He’s not Namor — he can survive outside of water, so what can OMAC pull out of his bag of tricks? They’re about even in strength, this feels like a real knock down drag out fight. WIN.

RECORD: 3 – 6

I happen to like the new Aquaman series, but I couldn’t find a win anywhere for Aquaman… can you? What do you guys think? Have we underrated Firestorm? Does OMAC deserve to be higher? I could see the argument, but go ahead and discuss! Feel free to leave comments, and let’s get the debate rolling!

Also, stay tuned tomorrow for #7-#5!

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