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By Raph Soohoo

The Top 10 Toughest DC Superhero Countdown comes to an epic conclusion today with #2-#1! Are you surprised by the top two? Outraged, even? Read on below and let us know your thoughts!

#2 – Superman

Superman Comics

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Superman is a solar battery, with unknown maximum capacity. The energy he absorbs translates into super strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, multi-spectrum vision, heat vision, freeze breath, and hurricane gust-strength breath.


SHAZAM: They’re pretty equal at first blush, but SHAZAM’s power is limited to the specific abilities of the Gods, whereas Superman is a solar battery. Add to that the fact that this Billy Batson is a little more overconfident and brash, and the fact that this Superman is a little more “punch first, ask questions later”, as well as Billy’s lack of experience, and Kal-El takes the day. WIN.

WONDER WOMAN: She’s the Goddess of War. He’s a Kryptonian Sun God. They’re the most powerful couple in superhero comics, but does that mean they can’t fight?  Kal’s raw power is higher, but Diana has her magic weapons and her godhood to fall back on. I don’t think she could beat him, but she could make it interesting. WIN.

GREEN LANTERN: Hal fought Kal early in their career and got creamed. Sure, Hal is more seasoned now and has more experience with the ring, but Kal has only gotten stronger, more skilled and experienced. WIN.

OMAC: Superman can bring overwhelming force down on OMAC, I don’t think that Brother Eye has the capability to defeat him. WIN.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: This fight was done in the previous DC Universe, where J’onn phased Superman through a table, thereby proving his various abilities can overcome Superman’s superior strength and speed. If you also toss in the story arc from a few months ago in Superman where he showed a vulnerability to telepaths, well there you have it. J’onn takes this one. LOSS.

FIRESTORM: Amanda Waller had Firestorm work on constructing Kryptonite in Trinity War, but he hasn’t gotten it right. Until he does, Superman wins handily. WIN.

AQUAMAN: Aquaman is a few levels below Superman, but he’d put up a heckuva fight. He might be able to hurt Kal, but not put him down for the count. WIN.

BATMAN: Every Batman fan in the universe says Batman can trounce Superman. I don’t think it’s that easy. Kryptonite is an easy answer, but what if Superman just flew into space and shot heat vision down onto the earth like a sniper? What chance does Batman have then? Fortunately for Batman, this Superman seems to be a little more bullheaded, and might try to beat him in a fist fight, as opposed to using his brain. LOSS.

FLASH: Flash would have to hit Superman with a few maximum velocity punches to do some damage, and when you consider that Superman can move fairly quickly himself, and hit much harder, I don’t think Flash can win this. WIN.

RECORD: 7 – 2

#1 – Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Martian Manhunter has all of the powers of Superman, along with intangibility, shape shifting and telepathy. I think he might be a notch or two below Superman in terms of pure power, but his width of abilities make him probably the most powerful person on this list. The New 52 Manhunter also seems to not care about his weakness to fire. He’s shrugged it off in issues of Stormwatch… so lotsa strengths, no weaknesses really.


SHAZAM: SHAZAM’s power set is so limited compared to J’onn’s. Poor Billy is just overwhelmed. WIN.

GREEN LANTERN: Hal’s mind is probably too strong to be controlled, but you throw in all other various skills, J’onn could phase through Hal and stun him. Could Hal throw some green flames up? Sure, but can he generate enough to completely defeat J’onn before J’onn got to him? I doubt it. WIN.

WONDER WOMAN: She’s more mentally disciplined than others on this list. WIN.

FIRESTORM: Firestorm might have the edge here, since he is a nuclear reactor and can send nuclear flames at J’onn. J’onn might also have trouble using his telepathy, since there’s two people in the matrix. WIN.

OMAC: J’onn can’t control Brother Eye, and OMAC can adapt to enemies. SHAZAM, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern won because their pure power overwhelmed OMAC before he could compensate. J’onn’s sense of nobility would not allow him to kill Kevin Kho, could Brother Eye find a way through J’onn’s myriad abilities? I don’t think so. WIN.

FLASH: Flash still needs to think, J’onn could trap him in an illusion, and finish him off. WIN.

SUPERMAN: A very hard battle, since Superman is stronger. Kal-El has shown a vulnerability to mind control in his books, so that might be the way in. Can Superman get off his heat vision in time? Probably not. WIN.

BATMAN: Batman must have learned some sort of technique to block telepathy in his travels, so that edge might be nullified. However, there’s still the rest of J’onn’s power set, which could be too overwhelming for Batman. WIN.

AQUAMAN: Aquaman and Flash seem to be at the bottom of this list, Aquaman just doesn’t have enough to overcome Martian Manhunter. WIN.

RESULTS: 9 – 0

And that’s it! We finally determined the top 10 toughest heroes of the DC Universe. Agree? Disagree? Leave some comments, let us and everyone else know what you think!

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