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By Raph Soohoo

The Top 10 Toughest DC Superhero Countdown continues with #4-#3! Check back tomorrow morning to see who’s truly the toughest superhero in the DC Universe today!

#4 – Batman

Batman Comics

POWERS AND ABILITIES: He’s Batman. That in and of itself has become the greatest superpower, in a meta sense. Within the confines of the comics, Bruce Wayne is one of the smartest people on the planet: master detective, inventor, and tactician. Bruce has also mastered a number of fighting skills, stealth, and carries a myriad of gadgets. Anything a human being can do, so can Bruce Wayne.


SHAZAM: Batman is obviously overmatched in terms of powers, but if he could find a way to manipulate the lightning, he’ll win. I’m sure Batman has this stuff lying around in the cave somewhere. Once he figures out that Billy is a boy, he might weaken in his resolve, but if Batman has to take Shazam out, he will.WIN.

WONDER WOMAN: Batman is a great fighter and tactician, but Wonder Woman is a centuries old warrior who now is the embodiment of War. Even before the New 52, Wonder Woman has shown she could take Bruce 1-on-1. I don’t know any weakness she could have that he could exploit. LOSS.

GREEN LANTERN: Fear toxin, stronger will, better fighter. I think if Batman can get past the constructs, he can beat Hal. Big “if”, but Batman is also good at mind games and may even have a neural disruptor-type device. WIN.

OMAC: I know this is going to sound silly, but Batman’s EMP gun from Dark Knight Rises should make this a no-brainer. WIN.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: Batman must have learned some sort of technique to block telepathy in his travels, so that edge might be nullified. However, there’s still the rest of J’onn’s power set, which could be too overwhelming for Batman. LOSS.

FIRESTORM: Even taking in the fact two teenagers make up Firestorm, the power advantage is overwhelming. Firestorm is a nuclear reactor that can transmute any inorganic material. That means batarangs become putty, and Batmobiles turn into sludge. Unless Batman knows how to disrupt the Firestorm Matrix, I don’t know how he… oh wait, he probably DOES know how to disrupt the Firestorm Matrix, because he’s Batman. WIN.

AQUAMAN: Hand-to-Hand won’t do it. This is another tough one, Aquaman is the toughest out, but he’s also #10. Batman has figured out how to beat Aquaman before, I trust him to do so in this case as well. WIN.

FLASH: Speaking of plans, I just don’t know what Batman could do. He could threaten to mine the area of battle, he could break Flash’s limbs in the course of battle… but Flash heals faster, and plain ol’ moves faster. How can Batman hit what he can’t catch? LOSS.

SUPERMAN: Every Batman fan in the universe says Batman can trounce Superman. I don’t think it’s that easy. Kryptonite is an easy answer, but what if Superman just flew into space and shot heat vision down onto the earth like a sniper? What chance does Batman have then? Fortunately for Batman, this Superman seems to be a little more bullheaded, and might try to beat him in a fist fight, as opposed to using his brain. WIN.

RECORD: 6 – 3

#3 – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Comics

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus. She has enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes. She is a master of hand-to-hand combat, and may even surpass Batman. On top of this, she can also unlock further power by removing her bracelets, it’s an ability only seen in her own book twice, but I’m going to include it. She also happens to be the Greek God of War now, having inherited the mantle from Ares a few months back.


SHAZAM: Diana is more experienced and is on a similar enough power level. WIN.

GREEN LANTERN: We saw this fight in Justice League already, and while Hal has a strong will, Wonder Woman was easily trouncing him. Even if he was holding back, her second power set is compelling evidence that she is secretly as powerful as Superman. WIN.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: Diana might be more of a challenge to J’onn than Superman. J’onn is still going to win this one, his power set is overwhelming. LOSS.

FIRESTORM: Can Firestorm transmute Diana’s weapons? I would think the answer is no, because they’re enchanted. If he could, then he could melt Diana’s bracelets, locking her into her current power level… but something tells me the enchantments are too strong. If Wonder Woman cut into Firestorm, that nuclear energy could seriously hurt her though. LOSS.

OMAC: OMAC is a fearsome combination of power, technology and innocence: would Diana kill Kevin Kho to stop OMAC? Her compassion may be her weakness… or she could display the ferocity that makes her the current God of War. WIN.

FLASH: Barry is fast, but does he know how to fight? Diana would know to just nick Barry enough for him to slow down and she’d have him. WIN.

SUPERMAN: The battle of the lovers. Superman in the New 52 seems a lot weaker than his previous incarnations, but even then, she’s not as powerful as he is. She has other advantages, but ultimately, I have to give it to Kal-El. LOSS.

BATMAN: Batman’s a tactical genius, but he’s going up against literal war. Whatever Batman may have planned before, Diana’s recent ascendance to Godhood might make any plans of Batman’s moot. WIN.

AQUAMAN: Aquaman is outclassed in all of the basic power measures. He’ll give Diana a fight, but there’s not much he can do here. WIN.

RESULTS: 6 – 3 (Tie breaker: Win over Batman)

Surprised Batman isn’t #1? Outraged? What do you think of Wonder Woman’s placement? Is the Goddess of War not getting enough credit? Leave a comment and get the argument going! Also, check in tomorrow for the exciting finale of our countdown!

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